Florent Pagny in the fight against cancer: “I changed my look a little but I’m doing very well”

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The singer Florent Pagny, who has been fighting lung cancer for several months, gave his news on Instagram. The chemotherapy sessions changed his face. He assures us that he is doing “very well”.

“I can tell you that I’m doing very well.” Florent Pagny has published a video that will reassure all his fans. He appeared hairless, beardless and eyebrowless, a change in appearance experienced by cancer patients treated with chemotherapy. “I changed my look a bit but it’s the treatment that wants it. I’ll get used to it and it will pass”.

Florent Pagny only has one chemotherapy session left. “The protocol worked rather well. From the first two chemos, my tumor which was as big as a kiwi turned into a hazelnut”, explains the singer. He had made public his lung cancer on social networks last February. The juror of “The Voice” is optimistic for the future. “We are very confident”. He is awaiting the results of his latest tests.

Rest and the rest of his tour in 2023

Florent Pagny takes advantage of this video to thank the medical team, his “half” alias his wife Azucena Caamaño and his children Inca and Aël. He announces that he will participate in the final stages of “The Voice” before taking a rest and resuming his tour, which was brutally interrupted at the end of 2021, during 2023.

The singer has received several comments from fans who salute his courage but also from some personalities. “Let’s go my Flo! We love you”, writes Matt Pokora. “See you tomorrow boss”, comments Matthieu Grelier, the producer of “The Voice”.

Viewers have already been able to realize the effects of chemotherapy on Florent Pagny. First in March during a special program on Ukraine on France 2 then in the cross battles of “The Voice”, currently broadcast and recorded several weeks ago.