Fontiers-Cabardès. A new “doggy” radio station

the essential
A radio studio has been set up in Fontiers-Cabardès. It’s brand new, and it’s an initiative that deserves to be talked about.

The designer, Antoine Cally, arrived in the village a few months ago from Montpellier, with his partner’s campaign desires, but already with his head full of ideas.

How did you come to this idea ?

Initially, I was thinking of getting into web video design. The reception here is not at the top, I turned to web radio on the whole of the Montagne Noire at first. I was already in the process of creating an audiovisual studio before my departure from Montpellier, I continued the process after the move and I thought that this could be useful for the municipalities and the surrounding area.

Dog radio name ?

I really like dogs. Basically, it was a project between three musical buddies, my dog ​​participated in our recordings and he integrated into our melodies.

You will radiate on what circumference ?

Sacem requires me to block listeners outside France, except for Luxembourg and the Principality of Monaco.

Before this adventure ?

I was a stage manager in Montpellier in a theater company, La blue bleue, of live shows, sound, light, in the technique, but I also did the job of webmaster. I am in the continuity of what I hoped for.

To listen to Radio Chien, go to www.