For less than 20 euros you have the GOTY edition of one of the best superhero games in history, and a whole lesson in how to make an impressive open world – Spider-Man

It was one of the fastest selling games in PS4 historyand that is already a very significant achievement. spider-man managed to overcome the barrier of the three million units distributed in just three days, a milestone only within the reach of a very limited list of titles. And that speaks volumes about the great job she signed Insomniac Gamesfor many the Opera Magna of this study to date.

That you still haven’t tried it? Well, you have to solve such an error as soon as possible… and more taking into account that, currently, It is on sale in the Sony online store (PSN) by €19.99…and it’s also the GOTY edition!

A true sandbox marvel

Surely you already know that we are facing a great game as we already reflected in the analysis of Marvel’s Spider-Man 3D Games that we made of the title in its day. And it is for an almost endless number of reasons, beginning with the fact that it is incredibly funny… whether or not you are a fan of this Marvel Comics super hero.

Buy Game of the Year Edition of Marvel's Spider-Man for PS4 (Offer until February 2)

Buy Game of the Year Edition of Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4 (Offer until February 2)

Going around the city of New York while we swing from spider web to spider web is something indescribable, to such an extent that far from being a nuisance as it happens in many open world games, in this case going from one point to another in the city is a delight . A city that, by the way, enjoys a amazing graphic finish and that offers many ways to pass the time.


Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Heist

One of them is putting an end to all kinds of lunatics and criminals that can be seen in the North American town, and of course this appointment does not lack some of the classic enemies of the arachnid such as Electro, Shocker or Rhino. The fights are one of the highlights of this third-person action adventure, being one of the most fluid, dynamic and spectacular that are remembered in any video game of this same nature. In fact, some of the sequences that Spider-Man leaves us in this regard are quite memorable…

This edition comes along with all its downloadable content, incorporating new characters

And what does this GOTY version include? Is it worth getting her? Well, considering that the “bareback” title currently costs about four euros less than this GOTY version, of course it does! This edition includes three packs of downloadable content such as Silver Lining, which is an additional story that stars the mercenary Silver Sable; The Heist, which offers us to see our faces against Black Cat; and Territory Wars, an extra chapter that is quite a suggestive challenge. Some DLCs that are valued at about eight euros each, so….

Seriously, don’t think twice because Spider-Man is a work of art within both superhero and open world games. A title that since it appeared at the end of 2018 and only on PS4 has long since exceeded the 20 million sold units, there is nothing. You will find few sandboxes as absorbing and spectacular as this work by Insomniac Games. And also, if you didn’t play it at the time, it’s a good way to kill time until the premiere of the highly anticipated Spider-Man 2.