Forget ‘Fast and Furious’: Dwayne Johnson’s Best Movie Is On Prime Video And Many Fans Don’t Even Know It

The Rock is one of the great action stars of our time. One of his best roles is in this unknown production.

Who would have thought in the early 2000s that Dwayne Johnson would end up becoming one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. The actor was a great wrestling star at the time and was taking his first steps in acting. One of his first movies was The Mummy Returns, where he played the Scorpion King and, later, had his own ‘spin-off’. Something that, on the other hand, we do not know if it is better to forget.

The fact is that shortly after he was already one of the number 1 in Hollywood and if we look back we see that he has participated in some of the biggest film franchises. It was Hobbs’s fast & furiousSpencer in jumanji and Black Adam in the DC universe. Also is himself in fighting in familya film much less known than the previous ones but worth discovering. You can see it in Amazon Prime Video.

fighting in family is a story based on The real life of Saraya ‘Paige’ Bevis, an English professional wrestler who became one of the most important figures in wrestling. She comes from the Knight family, who live devoted body and soul to this sport. Parents Ricky and Julia have trained their children to follow in their footsteps, so it’s no coincidence that Paige wanted to pursue that dream.

In the tape, Paige is played by Florence Pughwhich is one of the great successes of the casting. The actress is now known for her roles in black widow and Do not worry dear, but when he signed for this ‘biopic’ he was still making a name for himself. Still, Pugh demonstrates his natural gift for acting and the charisma he brings to all of his characters is palpable.

Directed by Stephen Merchant (hello ladies), the tape is very reminiscent of the saga rockyas the protagonist makes her way as a tough newcomer who wants to show the world that, despite coming from little Norwich, she has what it takes to succeed.. Here, however, there is no room for drama. fighting in family it’s a lot of fun and features a handful of characters who sometimes do the wrong thing and are wrong, but you can’t help but love them.

Seven Bucks Productions

Dwayne Johnson’s most personal project

It is probably Dwayne Johnson’s most personal project, as he produced it with his Seven Bucks Productions. In front of the cameras he plays himself in a small but important character. Johnson reserved the role of mentor in this endearing film and her scenes contain key advice for the young fighter.

The tape marks the return of the fighter and superstar to his roots. With this biopic he returns to the most honest storytelling and to a project full of heart. It is felt both on screen and in the process behind it. Johnson was interested in recounting Paige’s life despite the fact that he knew, almost certainly, that she was not going to bring him great benefits at the box office.

fighting in family It’s not Dwayne Johnson’s highest-grossing movie, but it’s possibly the one with the most heart and is available on Prime Video.