Forget watching another ‘Game of Thrones’: the spin-off ‘The House of the Dragon’ changes its tone and goes from “reinventing the wheel”

Miguel Sapochnik, co-showrunner of the long-awaited series, wants the ambitious project to be appreciated as something different, although he praises the original.

Okay, the end of Game of Thrones disappointed a bit in a fairly generalized way, but no one will take away from the unforgettable HBO series the honor of having made history on the small screen and the fact of having been one of the greatest television productions of all the times. Nor has we started to theorize en masse and have turned our increasingly individualistic enjoyment of seriéfilo into a social act almost as if it were a sporting event. Some may continue to wince when they think of Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) devastating King’s Landing or Bran (Isaac Hempstead-Wright) sitting on a throne that was no longer iron, but the reality is that a much of the legion of fans who Game of Thrones amassed around the world have their eye on the ‘spin-off’: The house of the dragon.

It is not for less, since it is the only one of the multiple projects that HBO has considered in progress that has managed to convince the company’s executives and receive the green light to become a reality. The imaginary around the possibilities that can arise from the world created by George RR Martin in his Song of ice and fire it’s really infinite, but HBO has always been clear that, although it wants to keep its golden goose alive, it does not want to do it at any cost., but for something really worthwhile. And that adds many points to The House of the Dragon.

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In addition, the first images released by HBO and especially the first ‘teasers’, have given us goose bumps. The new project boasts impeccable workmanship and a striking cast of actors and actresses and yes, the Iron Throne is once again a coveted object of desire.

However, as much as we are guaranteed our ticket back to Poniente, the intention of the team led by Ryan Condal and Miguel Sapochnik is not to “reinvent the wheel”, but to create something new. Something new that respects the original series, of course, but that In addition to a new story and new characters, it will also have a different tone than the one we remember in Game of Thrones.

This is how he explained it to The Hollywood Reporter Sapochnik himself, director of some of the most iconic episodes of Game of Thrones like ‘The battle of the bastards’ (6×09), ‘Austera House’ (5×08) or ‘Winds of winter’ (6×10) that now shares the functions of ‘showrunner’ in the new series. It has, yes, as part of the promotion of the new original Apple TV + movie, Finch, starring Tom Hanks.

I think we’ve been very respectful of what the original series is. It was not broken so we are not trying to reinvent the wheel. The House of the Dragon has its own tone that will evolve and emerge throughout the course of the series.

“But first of all, it is very important to pay tribute and respect the original series, which was quite innovative. We stand on the shoulders of that series and we are here for it,” admits Sapochnik. “But with that said, we can’t think ‘Well, when Game of Thrones, we did it like this … ‘. If we start each sentence like this, you are lost. “

[‘La Casa del Dragón’] it is something more and must be something more. It’s a different team, with different people and a different tone. We hope it can be seen as something different. But you have to earn it

“It won’t happen in a week,” he reflects. “But the hope is that fans will enjoy it for what it is. “

Based on Martin’s book on the Targaryens, Blood and fire, The Fall of the Dragon will explore in depth the famous Targaryen dynasty, which the Game of Thrones had already been destroyed but which for hundreds of years had reigned over Westeros. The fiction will focus more specifically on a historical moment that in the original series was almost a legend, the well-known Targaryen civil war known as A Dance with Dragons.

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The House of the Dragon It will premiere on HBO in 2022, but there is no exact release date yet.