Fortnite: January 19 Shop with Stellan, Arachne, Hooded Shadow and more – Fortnite

The players of Fortnite we have made it a habit to visit the game store. Although we are not always willing to spend Turkeys on new skins, collection tools or emotes; We don’t want to miss out on that cosmetic that we’ve been waiting for so long for not one day reviewing the cosmetics added by Epic Games to the battle royale bazaar. That is why we wanted to review all the cosmetics that are available Today January 19, 2023. Remember that your presence is guaranteed until tomorrow at 1:00 CET (Spanish peninsular time)When will the offers change? By then they could remain available, but nothing guarantees it to us.

What’s in the Fortnite store today January 19?

In addition to the continuity of some cosmetics that were already available, such as those of John Cena either Unchartednew collections have been added. forest fruits, tarantellaeither Shadow Assault. As in recent days, yes, the variety of skins or other elements available independently of the lots does not stand out. Everything is said, the few news in this regard seem chosen with enough skill.

Stellan the Guardian of the Stars (1,500 V-bucks)

  • Skin: Stellan, The Guardian of the Rifts (1,200 V-bucks)
  • Pickaxe: Oath of the Gatekeeper (500 V-bucks)
  • Wrap: Colors of the Guardian (300 V-bucks)
  • Loading Screen: Warden’s Lair (not available separately)

Tarantella Bundle (3,000 Turkeys)

  • Skin: Arachne (2,000 Turkeys)
  • Skin: Spider Knight (2,000 V-bucks)
  • Pickaxe: Net Breaker (800 Turkeys)
  • Hang Gliding: Hatching (1,200 Turkeys)
  • Wrapping: Widow’s Web (500 V-bucks)

Lot of Forest Fruits (1,700 Turkeys)

  • Skin: Belle del Bosque (1,200 Turkeys)
  • Peak: Strawberry Deck (800 Turkeys)
  • Wrapper: Red Fruits (300 Turkeys)

Shadow Assault Pack (2,800 V-bucks)

  • Skin: Mega Team Shadow (1,500 V-bucks)
  • Skin: Night Gunner (1,500 V-bucks)
  • Skin: Shadow Archetype (1,500 V-bucks)
Arachne Fortnite

John Cena Lot (2,000 Turkeys)

  • Skin: John Cena (1,500 Turkeys)
  • Pickaxe: Slapping Hand (800 V-bucks)
  • Gesture: You Can’t See Me (400 Bucks)

Uncharted Bundle (2,600 Vacs)

  • Skin: Nathan Drake (1,500 Turkeys)
  • Skin: Chloe Frazer (1,500 Vacs)
  • Hang Gliding: Sully’s “New” Seaplane (800 Vacs)
  • Pickaxe: Parashurama Ax (500 V-bucks)
  • Pickaxe: Second Hand Saber (500 V-bucks)
  • Gesture: Updated Daily (200 Vacs)

X2Twins Box Office Lot (2,400 Vacs)

  • Skin: Accurate Center (1,200 Turkeys)
  • Pickaxe: Wild Accent (500 V-bucks)
  • Wrapper: Acid (300 Turkeys)
  • Gesture: Enthusiastic (500 Vacs)
  • Hang Gliding Surfing: Mechanical Mako (1,500 Turkeys)

other cosmetics

  • Skin: Hooded Shadow (1,500 V-bucks)
  • Skin: Spartan Assassin (800 Turkeys)
  • Pickaxe: Destaskatana (800 Turkeys)
  • Pickaxe: Shadow Combination Blades (800 Turkeys)
  • Pickaxe: Shadow Gauge (500 V-bucks)
  • Hang Gliding: Prismatic (800 Turkeys)
  • Emote: Master of Puppets (500 Bucks)
  • Gesture: Whew! (200 Turkeys)
Fortnite Hooded Shadow


  • Hell’s Challenge Pack (€11.99)
  • Dark Reflections Pack (€15.99)
  • Magma Masters Pack (€14.99)
  • Bioluminescence Missions Pack (€7.99)
  • Catfish Missions Package for Hire (€7.99)
  • Dark Fire Bundle (€14.99)
  • Metalera Mine Package (€3.99)
  • Full Personalization Package (€15.99)
  • Anime Legends Pack (€19.99)

With the store already reviewed, it is up to us to spend turkeys on a cosmetic or leave it for another time. The good thing is that we know that Fortnite will soon have new cosmetics available, and always it’s okay to be thrifty until something we really like comes along.