‘Foundation’ will have season 2 after the success of the first: “My father would be proud of this adaptation,” said Robyn Asimov

The science fiction series based on the stories of Isaac Asimov will have another season, as confirmed by showrunner David S. Goyer.

When the first four chapters of the science fiction series have barely aired Foundation, based on the literary saga of Isaac Asimov, Apple TV has confirmed that it will have a second season, due to the good reception of the first one. Every Friday a new episode of this adaptation directed by David S. Goyer is broadcast.

The series is based on the literary saga of Isaac Asimov, which tells with more than 15 books, and in its audiovisual version it stars Jared Harris, Lee Pace, Lou Llobel and Leah Harvey. The series tells how a group of exiles from the great galactic empire choose to found a new civilization before the foreseeable disappearance of the current empire, ruled by a series of clone emperors. But the chosen ones discover that the only way to save the Galactic Empire from destruction is to challenge it, confront it, and bear the consequences.

‘Foundation’: How to turn the greatest science fiction literary saga into a television series?

“It has been very exciting to see that the audience supported us on this captivating journey full of suspense” he assured Matt Cherniss, chief programming officer for Apple TV +. “We know how long fans of these Asimov stories have waited to see his work come to life as a visually spectacular, exciting series and now we can’t wait to show even more of this layered universe, of this compelling storytelling and the awesome world building to be shown in season two. “

If everything continues as planned, this second season will have 10 more episodes. The creator of the series David S. Goyer raised this ambitious project as 80 chapters, in 8 seasons, although at the moment there are only 20 projected -If we add the new foreseen-. But the series has not adapted the entire universe of the Asimov saga, which tries to write a history of the future, but the last 7 books of the saga, those referring to the Foundation. They remain outside, although they serve to illustrate and set the dynamics and territories of the universe of the series the Saga of the Robots and the Trilogy of the Galactic Empire.

The adaptation of the series was a challenge, as David S. Goyer acknowledged in an interview with SensaCine, since he has managed to turn Asimov’s books that talk about philosophy, mathematics, psychology into human stories and makes us think of our future as species.

“Since my childhood I have dreamed what Hari Seldon and Eto Demerzel would look like, what Terminus -the place to which the group that intends to re-found the human species- and Trantor -the planet where the center of the empire is- would look like-“, he now assures Goyer.

“With Season Two, our audience will be able to visit more Asimov characters and worlds, including Hober Mallow, General Bel Riose, and all of the Outer Suns.. Also, I’m glad that a whole new generation of fans is reading Asimov’s brilliant masterpiece, “adds Goyer.

The adaptation tells the stories of four crucial individuals who transcend space and time as they overcome deadly crises, betrayals and complicated relationships that will ultimately determine the fate of humanity.

The Asimov family, satisfied

Also the descendants of Isaac Asimov are satisfied with the result. In fact, when Goyer decided to adapt the series, he first made a tracklist which he validated with Robyn Asimov, who is an executive producer on the series.

“The David Goyer Foundation has exceeded all my expectations by bringing my father’s philosophy and ideas to the screen in a way that he would never have thought of while still staying true to his work,” explains Robyn Asimov.

“I know that my father would have been proud to see his iconic story come to life through the visual beauty of the series and the layered characters that demonstrate that his words have been so well understood that have had a brilliant cinematic translation. My father was deeply moved. indebted to his fans, to their loyalty and always hoped that his work would also reach future generations. The Foundation’s series is fulfilling his wish (and mine) by bringing his work to potential new readers, “concluded Asimov.