France has an incredible talent: upset by a remark, Karine Le Marchand hits Sugar Sammy

the essential
A remark from Sugar Sammy, one of the members of the jury of “France has an incredible talent” did not really please the host Karine Le Marchand.

The viewers of “France has an incredible talent” know it: the Canadian juror Sugar Sammy does not have his tongue in his pocket. When he doesn’t like a performance, he doesn’t hesitate to criticize it openly without fear of displeasing.

Wednesday evening, for the final stages of the auditions, a young candidate came to play the piano with his feet and even his nostrils. A performance that did not seduce Sugar Sammy. “It’s like Karine Le Marchand, it’s beautiful but you close your eyes and it’s just noise,” said the Canadian comedian.

Karine Le Marchand then came out of the wings from where she attended the show to go up on the stage of the show by saying “excuse me two seconds”. She walked over to the jury and punched Sugar Sammy on the head before heading backstage, making a V for victory with her hands.

The scene amused several viewers.

As the semi-final approaches, Sugar Sammy still has not used his golden buzzer which allows a candidate to be sent directly to the final. Éric Antoine gave his golden buzzer to rappers Randjess and Brichapik, Hélène Segara to the World Taekwondo Federation, Marianne James to Sebastien and his number of Drag Queen and Karine Le Marchand to the choirs of the military school of Saint-Cyr.