‘Free Guy’, free starting October 13 for all Disney + subscribers

The fun action film starring Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer, among others, was released in theaters last August and is now on its way to streaming.

It premiered last August and many wondered when they could see it streaming. Now we know the date. Free Guy will be available on Disney + for free to subscribers starting October 13. Get ready for Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer’s adventure into the world of video games, from a very little explored, original and fun point of view.

On Free Guy, Reynolds plays Guy, a man who works as a bank teller who has a cheerful and sociable personality, but whose days always end up being a disaster. They run him over, use him as a hostage … Of course Guy doesn’t live in a normal city, It is the NPC -‘non-player character’- of a video game. Or what is the same, one of those characters that make a filler and that they end up suffering the consequences of the protagonists’ actions.

In an interview with Reynolds for SensaCine we got to know a little better the wishes of his character in the film. What does it mean to be an NPC and what connection does it have to the real world? The actor has his own opinion: “[Los personajes no jugables] They are meant to be this sort of expendable item of entertainment for gamers. I think people feel this way in real life. I think it’s identifiable in a lot of ways because sometimes we feel like we are a kind of player in the games of much more powerful people. “

Guy’s life changes completely when he crosses paths with Molotov Girl, the heroine of the game who gives life Jodie Comer. “Molotov Girl is the avatar of the programmer of the video game Free City. She is a tough girl who rides a motorcycle and is very cool. Within the game she meets Guy one day, and then the film follows the relationship between them”, reveals the actress on a visit to the set.

The film comes with the support of critics. For Alejandro G. Calvo, critic of SensaCineIt is a very funny film and with the style that characterizes Reynolds. “A truly custom-built movie with this Reynolds we’ve been watching for years, that of Deadpool. Always launching into self-paradox within action films, blockbusters “, says G. Calvo,” Where has it conquered me the most? The romantic story behind this fictional violence. Behind all this, there is a love story that I find more interesting and not so common in these types of movies. “

In addition to Reynolds and Comer, Joe Keery, Lil Rel Howery, Utkarsh Ambudkar and Taika Waititi form the cast. The director is Shawn Levy, with a script by Matt Lieberman and Zak Penn about a Lieberman story. What was said. If you want an entertaining story, with action and very original touches, from October 13 you can enjoy Free Guy free on Disney + with your subscription.

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