French box office: “Kompromat” remains in the lead

(AFP) – The thriller “Kompromat” retained the top spot at the French box office for its second week in theaters, followed by a novelty, “Chronique d’une liaison pasagère”, according to CBO Box Office figures. unveiled on Wednesday.

The feature film, in which Gilles Lellouche plays a French expatriate arrested by the Russian authorities on the basis of forged compromising documents, brought together more than 136,000 people, with a 34% drop in attendance compared to its first week.

The dramatic comedy “Chronique d’une liaison transient”, directed by Emmanuel Mouret with Sandrine Kiberlain and Vincent Macaigne, brought together nearly 120,000 spectators.

This film is ahead of “Revoir Paris” (nearly 115,000), a work on the aftermath of the November 2015 attacks in Paris and Saint-Denis, and “The visitor from the future” (84,000), adaptation on the big screen of a web- series in which a man from the future tries to prevent the destruction of the world.

1. “Kompromat”: 136,417 entries, 551 copies (341,864 entries in 2 weeks)

2. “Chronicle of a passing affair”: 119,790 entries, 280 copies (new)

3. “Revoir Paris”: 114,784 admissions, 381 copies (257,625 admissions in 2 weeks)

4. “The visitor from the future”: 83,842 admissions, 452 copies (231,030 admissions in 2 weeks)

5. “Top Gun: Maverick”: 59,367 admissions, 381 copies (6,554,634 admissions in 17 weeks)