From Ester Exposito to Berto Romero. Discover in PRIMICIA the surprises of the Christmas comedy ‘Mom or Dad’

Dani de la Orden’s new film, starring Paco León and Miren Ibarguren, opens in theaters on December 17.

Mom or dad, the Christmas comedy by director Dani de la Orden, hits theaters on December 17. Paco León and Miren Ibarguren star in the film, giving life to a married couple in the middle of divorce, to whom the job opportunity of their lives comes. But … who is going to stay with the three children they have while one of them goes abroad for months? It is then when a battle begins in which each one will do everything possible so that their offspring go with the other. In addition to León and Ibarguren, the film has a series of secondary characters who will play a key role in the development of events. We present them to you in the ‘featurette’ in PRIMICIA that you will find on these lines.

In the first place is Ester Exposito, who gives life to Claudia. She is an architect in her 25s who works in the studio of Victor, the character of León. “She knows how to deceive him with her intelligence, but also with her sweetness “, account of the order in the video.

Within the protagonist’s work environment there is also Pedro Casablanc, who plays Victor’s boss, a man who “has no filter”. “I think people are going to laugh and they are going to be wishing that the boss appears on the screen,” adds Exposito.

In Mom or dad we will also meet Marina Y Marc, the sister of Flora -character of Ibarguren- and his brother-in-law played by Eva Ugarte and Miquel Fernández. On the other hand is Call, “an old colleague from the faculty of the character of Paco” played by Julián Villagrán. As account of the order: “He is the loser most loser of all. It works as a mirror of what will happen to Victor if, suddenly, he does not take the job opportunity of his life”.

We continue with Mari Paz Sayago, the cynical and ironic lawyer of the protagonists and with “zero emotional sensitivity”. Is also Edu, a man who is attracted to Flora, who is played by Berto Romero and whom De la Orden describes as “a fool with a ‘psycho’ point. “It seems harmless, but you’ll see”Romero emphasizes. Finally, Alberto Casado gets into the skin of Julian, a very teacher concerned about political correctness.

Mom or dad completes its cast with Iván Renedo, Laura Quirós and Sofia Oria. The three of them are in charge of playing the other protagonists of the comedy: the children of Victor and Flora. Watch the trailer for the film below.

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