From God of War: Ragnarök to Wonder Woman, Monolith’s latest signing leaves good news about its next game – Wonder Woman

There are more and more video games eager to open up to new audiences through the implementation of accessibility features. We had the best example of last year in God of War: Ragnarök with a section that earned it an award at The Game Awards 2022. Now, one of its designers signs for Monolith Productions for the adventure of Wonder Woman.

Via social mediaToday, designer Mila Pavlin announced her departure from the team at SIE Santa Monica Studio, where she has been for close to five years, to join the ranks of the authors of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor as lead user interface designer. Her objective is none other than to help the subsidiary of Warner Bros. Games to make Wonder Woman an experience that every fan of Diana Prince video games and comics can play.

“I’ve only been in development on Wonder Woman a week, and I’m already impressed with the team’s dedication to accessibility. The video game industry has changed wonderfully in the last few years.”

What do we know about the Wonder Woman video game?

Unfortunately we don’t have a release window for this yet. open world action adventure video game for solo enjoyment that, announced at the time, will allow players to become Diana of Themyscira in her fight to unite her Amazonian family and the humans of the modern world. All this having to take advantage of the Nemesis system.

After the premiere of Gotham Knights this past fall, DC video games begin a new prolific stage in releases with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League as the next stop on the horizon. In addition, for a few weeks now rumors of a second WB Games Montreal development that could be starring Superman.