From today you will no longer be able to share your Netflix account: these are the conditions

Red Hastings and Marc Randolph have announced that the new strategy is now in place.

We had been waiting months for this moment and it has arrived. Netflix has announced that account sharing has ended and has officially communicated the conditions of this new measure. The Red Hastings and Marc Randolph company has spent months experimenting in various Latin American countries and it seems that it has already found the perfect recipe.

The first affected are Canada, Spain, New Zealand and Portugal. Subsequently, it will surely expand to the rest of the territories.

What changes will there be on Netflix from now on?

Set account ‘home’. Netflix subscribers will need to define a primary location for the service to detect them as the account owner.

What if I want my friend to be able to use my account? It’s all thought out. The Standard and Premium plans may add sub-accounts -one for Standard and two for Premium-. It is an advantage that only these plans include. If you use Basic or the plan with ads you will not be able to afford it.

Now: these subaccounts are priced at an additional €5.99. And they will have a profile, personalized recommendations, username and password. As if it were a separate account.

You can control who accesses and who doesn’t. You, as the master of your Netflix account, will be able to control who can access the content through the ‘Manage access and devices’ section. Therefore, if you shared an account with your boyfriend and you have broken up, you can turn off the tap.

How can you keep your profile if you have to switch accounts? If you used your dad’s account and had a perfect list of everything you liked, you can keep all that information so Netflix continues to recognize you and recommend good shows. It’s known as profile transfer and so you can keep your history, personalized recommendations, saved games, etc.

What if I go on a trip? And here is the big question. Netflix ensures that its subscribers will still be able to access their Netflix account if they are away from home. Now you can take the suitcases calmly.


In this way, the 100 million people who, according to estimates, consumed their content without having to pay, will have to find a way to have their own profile. Either by paying an extra to the owner of the account or by creating your own to unleash your passion for streaming.

Netflix’s goal this year is to grow its number of subscribers to maintain its leading position in the world of streaming. The first step was to incorporate the basic plan with ads -with which it has managed to increase the numbers- and these account sharing restrictions are the second. Will the game go well?