Funeral of the Bogdanoff twins: Francis Lalanne claims to have made “the same choice as them” on the vaccine

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The funeral of the Bogdanoff brothers, who died of the Covid six days apart, brought together relatives and hundreds of people on Monday at the Madeleine church in Paris. Francis Lalanne was present, without a mask.

A mass was given in homage to the most famous twins of the PAF, this Monday, January 10. Grichka and Igor Bogdanoff both died from Covid-19, despite not having been vaccinated. Without a mask, singer Francis Lalanne went to La Madelaine in Paris. Asked by The Parisian, Francis Lalane returned to his relationship with the twins.

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The funeral of the Bogdanoff brothers, who died of the Covid, brings together hundreds of people

“Even if we are lucky to have lived moments by their side, we tell ourselves that we haven’t had enough. They are not people that can be easily left. When they leave , it’s a part of us that goes with them “he assured. But then why the singer went to this homage without a mask, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic? “I made the same choice. Another point of view that we shared together. It is not a vaccine but an experimental treatment that does not provide immunity. To say that it is a vaccine is false advertising “he told our colleagues.

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Asked about the possibility that the twins are still alive if they were not vaccinated, Francis Lalanne is annoyed, assuring that the injections would not have saved them. “The majority of people who are victims of Covid are people who have been dosed several times” he replies.

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