Gad Elmaleh meets the Catholic press in Lourdes this Thursday

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Comedian Gad is in Lourdes this Thursday to speak to the Catholic press. The one who is co-producer of the musical Bernadette de Lourdes has released a film that relates his spiritual quest.

Gad Elmaleh is the guest of the Saint-François-de-Sales International Days, dedicated to the French and international Catholic press. Days of reflection where the comedian will testify to his spiritual quest, this Thursday, at the end of the morning, at the sanctuary.

Already seen several times in Lourdes, and co-producer of the Bernadette de Lourdes musical show, Gad Elmaleh makes no secret of his interest in spirituality. In a film released in mid-November, “Reste un peu”, he recounts this quest, between fiction and autobiography.

If Gad Elmaleh was not baptized and remains of the Jewish faith, he was seen in retreat at the Abbey of Sénanque or at Paray-le-Monial, a monastery which welcomes groups to exchange and reflect on life, alternating times of prayer, testimonies and festive moments.

The one who plays himself in the film has also given several interviews to Catholic media. In an interview given to Lifehe confides thus, questioned about his confession: “This question is legitimate! I was not baptized, therefore I am not a Catholic, but I fully assume my interest, my curiosity, my research… which has been reinforced by my study of the texts and commentaries of the Torah when I was little. (…) Is it really important to know the result of the “match”, if I am a Jew or a Catholic? Because the match is still in progress The path is still being made. But I have found people, even in very Catholic circles, really benevolent about it. I am very touched by the reception, the listening to this path which, beyond beyond a simplistic immediate satisfaction, a typical desire “I want you in my team”, marks a true and generous listening to my questions.”