Gad Elmaleh will be in Lourdes for the Catholic Media Days

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Gad Elmaleh will be present in Lourdes, Thursday, January 26, to testify during the International Days of Saint-François-de-Sales, which brings together the Catholic press.

He’s an unusual guest. Gad Elmaleh will testify Thursday, January 26 before the Catholic press, gathered in Lourdes on the occasion of the International Days of Saint-François-de-Sales. An invitation launched by the French Association of Catholic Media, shortly after the release of the film “Reste un peu”.

In this film, the comedian stages his meeting with the Virgin Mary and announces it to his Jewish family. William Captier, in charge of relations with the partners for this event, notes: “We do not know if it is a fiction or an autobiographical transposition. He himself did not express himself on this. . But it raises the question of how to say that one is Catholic in a world that is less and less so.”

“How to be heard?”

A testimony that perfectly illustrates the theme of these 26e days, the theme of which this year is “How to be heard? Great Catholic voices respond.” Many guests will allow the international Catholic press to exchange and debate.

24 nationalities will thus be represented among the audience made up of journalists, but also communicators from the dioceses, Church movements or associations. They will hear another guest of choice, Cardinal Parolin, Vatican Secretary of State.

Cardinal Parolin will also be present

The latter will be the main witness and will also intervene on Thursday January 26, at the end of the day. He will develop “Vatican diplomacy in the service of peace” and how the Church makes itself heard for peace in the world.

The work will open with the theme “The courage to speak”. Testimonies of people who commit, despite threats, sometimes of death. Aissa Doumara Ngatansou is one of the witnesses to this sequence. Promised at 15, married at 16, mother at 18, then beaten… This Cameroonian woman had the courage to leave her husband and found an association for women’s rights.

“How to talk about abuse?”

The Catholic press will also question its coverage of abuses in the Church. “How to talk about it? With what words? To what extent?” What responsibility for having been able to put forward personalities who turned out to be abusive?

The profession will also wonder about its future. “Are influencers going to replace journalists?” is the question that will be asked on Thursday morning. Among the speakers, a priest who speaks to young people on TikTok! The priest Matthiau Jasseron, from the diocese of Sens, thus has more than a million subscribers. Humor but also comments on the Gospel mingle in his videos.

A priest with a million subscribers on TikTok

Finally, “Are we the voice of the Church” and “How to speak of the divisions of the Church?” the journalists, who all come from different backgrounds, and who have different sensitivities, will ask themselves.

A dense program for these Days which will run from January 25 to 27, with nearly 250 participants. Days whose success continues to grow, leading the association to successively change location, from Thonon-les-Bains to Annecy in 2001 then to Lourdes in 2018. The notoriety of the Marian city has only added to the growing success of the event.