Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds, working on the chemistry of ‘Red Alert’ thanks to their daughters’ school

The two actors, alongside Dwayne Johnson, star in Netflix’s new action comedy. It is already in theaters and, as of November 12, also on the streaming platform.

Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson in an action-packed comedy heist tape, could you ask for more? This combination results in Red alert, a movie that you can enjoy on the big screen in Spanish cinemas and, as of November 12, also on Netflix. The three leading actors were friends behind the scenes And when the opportunity came to star in a film together, they did not hesitate: they joined the project. This is how the good chemistry that can be seen in the film arose. Their good relationship helped create a very fun filming environment open to improvisation.

In the middle of the recording, the happy pandemic arrived, which, far from distancing them, caused them to work on their chemistry in the most unexpected way. At least on the part of Reynolds and Gadot, who were able to continue seeing each other thanks to the education of their daughters. In an interview with SensaCine, the actor has stated that, Despite the fact that production was paralyzed, he remained in contact with his partner thanks to the so-called ‘pandemic pods’. With the educational centers closed, small groups of students began to emerge who came together to learn away from computers and online classes. Reynolds’s daughters – he has three, 6, 5 and 2 years old – and Gadot’s – two 10 and 4 year old girls and a 5-month-old baby born later – came to the same group, so their relationship was constant even when they couldn’t work.

Gal Gadot is amazing. On and off camera. I have a lot of respect and love for her. My wife blake [Lively] has a crush on her. During the pandemic, we had to stop the film and continue with it afterwards. His daughters and my daughters go to the same learning group, so we got to see each other every day when we weren’t filming and go through this crazy situation together.

After having been seen in a period when it was difficult to meet people who left your closest family nucleus, when they arrived at the filming set the work was already more than done. They were all great friends and were eager to have a good time. To this must be added the relationship prior to filming. As Reynolds recounts, the three of them witnessed each of them become a star, so there is no “nonsense” between them.

“We have all seen how we have emerged in the industry, so there is a kind of ‘no bullshit’ policy between us because we all know each other. I love that we’ve been able to put it on screen and that it feels like we’re best friends playing in a sandbox together, “says Reynolds.

‘Red Alert’: 20 years of chemistry between Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Jhonson: “On set we were like an older couple”

The third party in contention is Dwayne Johnson, with whom Reynolds maintains a 20-year friendship. “Our films were released at the same time: Van Wilder – Animal Party and The scorpion king. We were crossing the country at that time promoting and meeting each other, so we started our careers together. We remained friends all these years and when we got to the set of Red alert There was already trust, there was no ego between us and there was a lot of love. We became an older couple, with their little fights and anger, and, of course, having a great time, “says Johnson in an interview with this medium.

Red alert It is available in theaters and, as of November 12, on the streaming platform. While you wait, you can enjoy other Netflix action movies.

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