Dharala Prabhu movie download by the website Kuttymovies

Dharala Prabhu movie download by the website Kuttymovies

Dharala Prabhu is the Tamil remake of the Vicky Toner movie released in Hindi with a focus on sperm donation. It is not uncommon for a film about sperm donation to be remade to please Tamil fans. Kudos to director Krishna Marimuthu for the excellent remake in that genre.

Kannadasan (Vivek) runs an artificial insemination center in Paris Corner. He wanders in search of a healthy young man to donate sperm to the couple who come looking for him. Only then does he meet Prabhu ( Harish Kalyan ). For Prabhu, who lives with his mother and grandmother, football is the world.

He refuses to repeatedly urge Lord Kannadasan to donate sperm. But he accepts Kannadasan’s request because of something that happens in Prabhu’s life. After that Kannadasan’s business is going to another level.

In this situation, Prabhu falls in love with Nidhi (Tanya Hope) and decides to get married. One way is to convince the parents and get married. But frequent sperm donation breaks the bond between the prince and the finance minister. The story is about what happened after that.

Harish Kalyan has acted wonderfully as Prabhu. Tanya Hope has realized and acted out her character. But in many places, it is Vivek who attracts the fans. Tell him to tell the joke. The acting of Anupama and Sachu is also special.

Selvakumar’s cinematography is a side effect of the film. Some of the shots that come in the second half are minus being slow. Generous Prabhu would have been a fantastic remake if he had paid more attention to PGM and emotional scenes.