Genshin Impact launches a Wordle-style web event with free Protogems for players: All the details and solution of Counting Stars with Paimon – Genshin Impact

Although we are still waiting for the arrival of a new web event to celebrate the premiere of Alhacénthe players of Genshin Impact we can enjoy new promotional content about the video game that allows us to get a few protogems for free. Is about “Counting Stars with Paimon”, a challenge in the style Wordle that allows us to add some premium currency to our account balance. It is true that there are not as many prizes as usual, but also that it is a fairly easy challenge to complete and that it is quite entertaining to test our knowledge of the game.

A new Wordle-style track web event

The mechanics of the new Genshin Impact web event are quite simple. By logging in with our account we can access a game of clues. It will play first signature theme song of a character and we will have to try to guess it, then one of its iconic phrases will be revealed. Finally, and in the event that we have not been able to guess it thanks to these two clues, we will be told what it is or we will have an almost definitive detail. Pay attention to the screen at all times, as it an item related to the unit will always appear in question. For example, when the answer was Yelan, there was a die imbued with the element Hydro.

When solving the questionnaire, we must give to share. We can select the copy link tool available in the menu if we do not want to publish it on our social networks, immediately accessing a reward code. Like any other key, its thing is to go directly to the Genshin Impact redemption website and enter it. After a few minutes we will have the Protogems in our account and we can use it to pull the current banners or wait for them to change for the next one Update 3.4. As you can see, all we have to do is quite simple.

Result Event

We can measure our score against other players!

As for the challenge, it is easy to complete. We don’t know if it always follows the same order, but if it did, We are going to share with you what were our correct answers..

  1. Arataki Itto
  2. Shenhe
  3. kamisato ayato
  4. Yelan
  5. Nilou