George Clooney donated €20,000 to a town in Var after the 2021 floods… without revealing his identity

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During the wishes addressed to the population, this mayor of the municipality of Val (in the Var), took the opportunity to reveal the identity of the one who, after the floods of autumn 2021, paid the municipality a donation of €20,000. The generous patron is none other than Hollywood star George Clooney.

€20,000: this is the sum received by the municipality of Val (in the Var), the day after the floods suffered in October 2021. However, the identity of the generous donor had never been revealed.

During the annual vows pronounced this Saturday, January 14, the mayor of the town, Jérémy Giuliano, wanted to lift the veil on this mystery, reports France Blue Provence. The mysterious benefactor is none other than… George Clooney!

George Clooney: a neighbor of the commune

This donation did not happen by chance. The actor owned a property a few kilometers from Val, in Brignoles, at the time of the floods. “The day after the floods, we received a message indicating that George Clooney wanted to contact us, says the mayor, Jérémy Giuliano on the radio France Blue. This resulted in a donation of €20,000″. Valuable help for the municipality which, without being able to seek direct aid from the State, had to pay €200,000 to repair the damage caused by these bad weather.

“George Clooney’s donation was not calculated or media”

The money granted by the actor allowed the town to house victims for six months, said the mayor. But why keep the identity of the benefactor silent? According to the mayor, “when there is a tragedy, you have to act and mobilize. George Clooney’s gift was not calculated or mediated, it should not be given this image”.

Before adding: “We are in the time of reconstruction so I pushed for it to be said because it is important that the victims know who made this donation!”