Gers: a scent of banda in the “Best pastry chef” recipe

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Five musicians from Gers and the president of the Festival de bandas de Condom took part in the 10th anniversary program of M6’s “Meilleur pâtissier” which will be broadcast on Thursday evening. A great adventure for the Gascons who did not fail to share Armagnac and floc with Cyril Lignac and all his team.

A phone call last June from the production of the “M6” channel was the first step in a great adventure experienced by the five musicians of the D’Artagnan Band and Pierre Verduzan, the president of the Bandas Festival. It is the latter who received the famous call. “The production was looking for a little training for a shoot that was to take place ten days later. We had to act quickly but Benoît Aupreter succeeded in bringing the group together. We were happy to see the banda music solicited for the ten years of the show ”.

The D 'Artagnan band invited on the set of "Best pastry chef".

The D ‘Artagnan band invited to the “Meilleur pâtissier” set.

It is indeed a South-West atmosphere that Cyril Lignac and the whole team of the “Meilleur pâtissier” wanted to build around the candidate pastry chefs who, naturally, had to work on regional sweets: cannelé, Basque beret …

Floc and Armagnac of the festival

For their part, it is as a joyful troop that the musicians: Benoît Aupreter, Bernard Thore, Jérôme Capdepont, Laurent Lenain and Fabien Durou, led by President Verduzan, have rallied the capital. “The shooting took place in a castle of Monfort-L’Amaury and started at 7:30 am to end in the evening”, explains Bernard Thore who with his comrades played brass and percussion around many pieces, including the ‘must-see Paquito. “We didn’t see the final result but the production was happy and we have great discussions with them and Cyril Lignac”. He was so charmed by the D’Artagnan Band that he asked the musicians to host his wedding scheduled for 2023 in Saint-Tropez!

It must be said that in addition to their mastery of the repertoire, the musicians knew how to make Gascon conviviality speak. “Pierre Verduzan has proven that this generosity is not legendary”, underlines Bernard Thore. Floc and Armagnac were indeed on the trip! “We offered floc as an aperitif at the end of the shoot; many have discovered it and all have appreciated it. We also had the Armagnac tasted and I gave a 35-year-old magnum to Cyril Lignac, ”explains President Verduzan. With this great promotion in a program that brings together between 4 and 5 million viewers, banda music will be given a hell of a spotlight on Thursday evening.