Gers. Patrick Coutin, singer of “I like watching girls”, headliner of the Le Son de la Nuit festival in Duran

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The interpreter of “I like watching girls” will participate in the first edition of the Le Son de la Nuit festival, on September 10 in Duran. The singer will address, alongside DJs and other artists, a nod to the old discotheque.

The team of the Le Son de la Nuit festival, whose first edition will take place on September 10 in Duran, took advantage of its last meeting to unveil the headliner of its program. Indeed, after announcing that four DJs from the former nightclub “La Nuit” would be present (Alberto “Kiki” Martin, Alex Rossi, Jean-Jacques Bourgade and Christophe Juillard), it is indeed Patrick Coutin, the performer of one of the greatest hits of the 80s, “I like watching girls”, who will perform live for this premiere of the festival.

“We wanted to give a new nod to the rich past hours of the old discotheque, slips Denis Cassaing, president of the association. The choice of Patrick Coutin was made naturally. Although there was never played, his repertoire is a must at the time. It’s a chance to be able to offer an artist like him from our first edition. He trusted us and it was not easy, because we are a young structure with few means.” Patrick Coutin therefore completes the list of artists already announced for this year, including The Spitters and Vixen.

The festival is getting ready

While waiting for the big day, the association is busy looking for partners in order to balance its budget. “Companies wishing to join our festival can contact us by email, specifies Cédric Balech, the treasurer. Individuals can also make donations to us. Our association is declared to be of general interest and makes it possible to obtain a deduction of tax.”

Another reason for satisfaction for the assembly: the many tickets sold since the opening of the ticket office which lends itself to the enthusiasm of the treasurer of the association: “In less than seven days, we have exceeded more than quarter of our maximum capacity!” Seats are on presale for a price of 12 euros on and a link is available on the festival’s Facebook page. The entrance price on site on September 10 will be 15 euros, if the festival is not full by then.

To support the festival: [email protected] Information on Facebook: Festival Le Son de la nuit.