Gers: the Capital program (M6) focuses on the Pavie landfill and its potential impact on health

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Broadcast on February 5, the next episode on the theme of the treatment of packaging and waste devotes five minutes to the landfill managed by the Trigone joint syndicate and its potential impact on health.

The Pavia landfill is about to make a name for itself again, this time at the national level. The journalists of the famous program Capital broadcast on M6 have indeed looked closely at the controversy which it has been the subject of for several years, as part of an episode entitled “Packaging, waste: the real price of the big mess! “. Directed by Paul Labrosse and scheduled for Sunday February 5 at 9:10 p.m., this report is part ofas part of M6 Group’s “Green Week”, an “exceptional editorial system devoted to the environment”.

Among various sequences shot across France in the Paris region, in Gironde or in Nice –, the program devotes five minutes to the potential impact on health of the Gers landfill, managed by the mixed syndicate Trigone. Director Paul Labrosse and his film crew went there at the end of last year on the occasion of the Cdepartmental council for the environment and health and technological risks (Coderst), which was held on 6 December at the premises of the prefecture.

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The report is initially based on the testimony of the inhabitants of Pavia who are campaigning within an association for the closure of the landfill. Asked by Paul Labrosse, the president of Friends of the Earth 32 Jean-Manuel Fullana mentions, among other things, the “release of toxic gases” caused by the last fires (two in 2020, one in 2022) and the “risk of underground pollution” linked to decades of anarchic burial.

“The perfect is not of this world”

M6 then gives the floor to the president of Trigone Francis Dupouey. The latter recognizes that the site can cause pollution peaks, “at a certain time and punctually”. “The perfect is not of this world (…) We have no other solutions for treating waste in our department”, he adds however.

Convinced that “the Pavia landfill only exists because we want it to last”, Jean-Manuel Fullana welcomes this media spotlight on the fight led by local residents. “This lighting sums up all by itself the problem of waste in general, and in the Gers in particular”, he concludes.