Gersois Grichka Bogdanoff, who hosted the program Temps X, died at the age of 72 from Covid-19

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Grichka Bogdanoff died at the age of 72 after being affected by Covid-19. With his twin brother Igor, he was originally from Saint-Lary, in the Gers. The brothers had been known since the 80s and their science fiction show “Time X”.

Grichka, one of the Bogdanoff brothers, whose real name is Grégoire Yourévitch Ostasenko-Bogdanoff, died this Tuesday, December 28 at the age of 72 in a Parisian hospital. He had been, with his twin brother Igor, a lord in the Gers, where they come from, at the Château d’Esclignac in Monfort. Both were indeed born in Saint-Lary in the same department.

“Surrounded by the love of his family and his relatives, Grichka Bogdanoff passed away peacefully on December 28, 2021, to join his stars,” his family wrote in a statement sent by his agent. Single, Grichka Bogdanoff had no children.

Hospitalized since December 15, affected by Covid-19

According to information from World, Grichka Bogdanoff was hospitalized on December 15 in the intensive care unit of the Georges-Pompidou hospital, after contracting Covid-19. According to a source close to the two brothers cited by our colleagues, they were not vaccinated against Covid-19.

Grichka Bogdanoff had hosted with her brother the show “Temps X” in the 1980s, the first science fiction television show in France. They were also known for their atypical physical transformation and their controversial scientific works for which they had drawn the wrath of part of the scientific community, criticizing the “low value” of their work.

A painter-painter father of Russian origin emigrated to the Gers

Their father Youra Bogdanoff (died in 2012), of Russian noble descent, was born in St. Petersburg. Artist-painter, he had settled in Saint-Lary, in the Gers, with his wife Maya, before the birth of their first children, Igor and Grichka. The Bogdanoff brothers, former students of the Sorèze abbey-school in the Tarn region, have four younger brothers and sisters: François, Laurence, Géraldine and Véronique.

Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff have built their notoriety by spreading their knowledge in the media. With their heads in the stars since childhood, the brothers naturally chose scientific studies. Holder of a DEA in semiology for Igor, graduate of IEP Paris and doctor of mathematics for Grichka, at the end of the 80s they opened the doors of showbiz. The brothers hosted a popular science program on TF1 for ten years, “Temps X”. Kitsch silver cosmonaut outfits, electric blue boots… From a spaceship to Star Trek, they offer a simplified explanation of science.

Faces of “aliens”

Their particular physique, abundant mane and prominent forehead, helped to make them known to the public. They then became the object of mockery for their deeply transformed faces, which they themselves had termed “aliens”.

The Bogdanoff brothers had had several dealings with the law. At the end of 2020, they had been sent back to correctional for “swindling” a millionaire suffering from bipolar disorder, in particular for having implicated him in the abortive project to relaunch their famous science fiction show “Temps X”.

Recently, Grichka Bogdanoff had, with her brother, a project to cover their cult show “Temps X” with the Canal group.

Among the personalities of the television world who reacted, there is in particular the host of C8 Cyril Hanouna: “I have just learned of the disappearance of Grichka, I am really very affected. I will miss him very much. He was a boy of incredible intelligence and a self-deprecation that commanded respect. I have crazy memories with him. I think very much of Igor and his family. Very sad, “he wrote on Twitter.

I have just learned of the disappearance of Grichka. I am really very affected. I will miss him a lot. He was a boy of incredible intelligence and self-mockery that commanded respect. I have crazy memories with him. I think a lot about Igor and his family. Very sad

– Cyril Hanouna (@Cyrilhanouna) December 28, 2021