Ghosts, stripper jobs and traumas with cotton candy: The confessions of Vicky Luengo and David Verdaguer in ‘El Hormiguero’

The two actors went to present ‘Stories to not sleep’ on the set of Pablo Motos and revealed their most intimate and curious confessions.

David Verdaguer and Vicky Luengo are a couple in one of the Stories to not sleep that make up the ‘remake’ of the classic Chicho Ibáñez Serrador. They are the protagonists of ‘El doble’, the fourth chapter of fiction that is set in the near future. Both have attended the set of The Hormiguero to promote the series and have taken the opportunity to reveal the odd confession, from the nightmares that haunt them since their childhood to strange childhood traumas.

Verdaguer started acting when he was just 20 years old, but when he started his career he combined it with all kinds of jobs. One of them, perhaps the most curious, is that he was a ‘stripper’. “I was a stripper, but just kidding. You expect a stripper other than me and you meet me. I was only in my underwear. It was more of a comic number, “the actor tells Pablo Motos.

Childhood has been a recurring theme in the interview, as the two have several anecdotes from that stage. Vicky Luengo, for example, has been traumatized by cotton candy ever since. “It’s the only thing in the world that makes me nauseous. The smell and everything,” confesses the actress, “When I was 4 or 5 years old, I went to Tibidabo. I was wearing a cotton candy and I fell, I filled myself with cotton candy all over my face and all over my hair. I spent the eight hours we were in the amusement park smelling that and it disgusted him“.

Another trauma that comes from the early years is that Verdaguer frequently dreams that he is Little Red Riding Hood and is chased by many wolves. “It’s a nightmare, so it’s a bit of a bummer to tell. I’m dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. I know I’m dressed but I only see the feet and a basket. Then there is the typical image of the dark forest, where the wolf’s eyes light up. There are like eight or ten wolves. I start running and they follow me. One knocks me down. I turn and one bites my left leg. That’s where I wake up. “

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The Hormiguero He has even given to review supernatural experiences. Luengo has said that he lived in a house with a ghost: “I found out that it existed because one day I was taking a shower and, suddenly, the bathroom door closed and there were no drafts or anything. After a few days I was locked out of the house and could not enter. When I walked in, all the doors to the house were lockeds. The janitor of that building told me, ‘Well, this man who lived here -who had died in the kitchen- had an OCD that was closing doors. “The actress admits that she soon left that house.

According to the official synopsis, the chapter of Stories to not sleep is set in the year 2045 and focuses on a couple going through a bad time. To save their relationship, Dani turns to a double to replace him when he has to be absent. This makes you rethink your identity as a couple.

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