God of War Ragnarok is now free to play on PlayStation, albeit for just a few hours and as part of a PS Plus Premium subscription – God of War: Ragnarok

It is, perhaps, the biggest PlayStation exclusive of the last year. God of War: Ragnarok launched in ps4 and PS5 on November 9, 2022, with sony santa monica offering a new adventure starring Kratos and Atreus that has captivated a multitude of players. However, there is good news for those who have not been able to test the title yet.

The bad new? What do you need to subscribe to? PS Plus Premium. It is the highest level of Sony’s online service that offers a free trial of ragnarok for its users, having now joined a list that has several more titles. You can consult yourself through PS Store that the work has added this free trial, initially released only in the United States.

The free trial of PS Plus Premium lasts for three hours

Of course, the test has a limited time, as in other cases. On this occasion, it will be free to play for a total of three hours, enough time to learn the starting point of the story and familiarize yourself with the controls. Obviously, God of War: Ragnarok is much longer than that (it lasts tens of hours), so it will only let you see a small part of its adventure.

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One of the 2022 games

If you want to delve into what is considered one of the best video games that have been released during 2022, we recommend that you read the God of War: Ragnarok review which Álvaro Castellano carried out after completing it before its launch last November. In it, he comes to the following conclusion about the title of Santa Monica:

“God of War Ragnarok is not only one of the best video games of recent times, but it is also the legitimization of the way in which Sony is approaching its AAA action-adventure releases based on great stories: almost always with amazing results. A game with abundant winks and tributes not only to fans of the saga, but also to its protagonists; all wrapped up in impressive production values, a captivating story, many surprises and characters that it is impossible not to love.

the basis of God of War 2018 It was impressive, but Sony Santa Monica has managed to take it to another level, and rounds off a memorable 2022 for PlayStation software releases with Gran Turismo 7, Ghostwire Tokyo, Stray, Horizon Forbidden West and this Ragnarok icing on the cake.”