God of War Ragnarok seems as robust as Kratos: his new update brings only one correction in its gameplay – God of War: Ragnarok

Although we are already in 2023, last year will be remembered for the arrival of such notable titles as God of War: Ragnarokthe video game developed by sony santa monica who came to ps4 Y PS5 on November 9. Since then, the work has been receiving some updates aimed at improving an experience that, in general, has given few problems.

This week we have a new patch for the latest adventure of Kratos and Atreus that brings the title to its version 03.02. And not, This is not the New Game Plus mode planned for spring, but instead applies fixes to target gameplay. Well, specifically only one if we look at what the official information tells us.

Fixed an issue with enemy encounters spawning

As you can see for yourself by taking a look at the patch notes published on the official support website of the Californian study, it has been provided a partial fix to an issue where encounters could appear incorrectly. And that’s it: although some time has passed since the previous version, the only correction that is applied is this, so the team must be very sure that they already have a sufficiently round playable proposal.


One of the protagonists of 2022

To find out how our experience was with the Sony Santa Monica title, we remind you that you have available in 3DJuegos the God of War: Ragnarok review carried out by Álvaro Castellano before the title hit the market. In it, he concludes by ensuring that “it is not only one of the best video games of recent times, but it is also the legitimization of the way in which Sony is approaching its AAA action-adventure releases based on great stories.