Gold movie download by the website 123Movies

Gold movie download by the website 123Movies

I am happy to see the flag of my country flying on the international stage in any sport. When the event is about the 1948 London Olympics, I am proud to see the flag of my country flying.

Indian hockey players will want to prove that their dominance of the sport from 1936 to 1948 was not merely a matter of chance. The incident in question is also historical as the Indian hockey team played only a year after independence.

Gold movie download

The Gold’ represents the journey of a team dedicated to fighting the vile practices of slavery in the United Kingdom for the past 200 years.

During the Berlin Olympics of 1936, where Indian hockey won its third gold medal at the age of 16, a film about this era was made by the Indian film-maker, Ram Gopal Varma.

In 1948, the Bengali junior manager of the team who had been working on the British India team decided to give the gold medal to the Azad Bharat team. His dream was to fly the Indian flag in the stadium on British soil in 1948.

Rima Kagati has portrayed this story as the most revealing and entertaining. The film takes you to the beginning of time in the story of which little has been discussed so far. Each of the actors gives a sensational performance.

We enjoyed the character Akti wearing dhoti very much. Akshay was also excellent in his emotional scenes. Kunal Kapoor has done wonderfully as a hockey player and then as a coach, as well as Vineet Kumar’s performance as a manager.

Amit Sadhan’s character is also a good one. Sunny Kaushal also performs well as a woman who is angry.

“Gold” is not just a hockey movie but also a period film. Mauni Roy has played a small yet brilliant role of a Bengali wife. It is not just a hockey movie, it is viewed as a period drama.

This film also portrays the tragedy of the split, which was already forgotten. The movie serves as a reminder of the time of the original split.

As a result of the division of the country, this movie had quite an impact on me. A strong emotional element is seen in the film where some people cooperated with each other for the sake of India’s triumph.

This was the first game in India after it achieved independence; hence, the Pakistani team could also be seen cheering for the Indian team playing on the ground.

As a result, production design and costumes have played an essential role in depicting that era.

There is no doubt that the cinematography and background score is excellent in terms of quality and technique. The hockey match that takes place in the film is thrilling, and you will be more than satisfied with the conclusion.