Goodbye to Black Widow but not to Scarlett Johansson: Kevin Feige works with the actress on a Marvel “Top Secret” project

Andrea Zamora

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The president of the studio has advanced that he is not related to Natasha Romanoff, the character of the interpreter in the franchise.

The story of Natasha Romanoff at Marvel Cinematic Universe came to an end this year with Black widow. The solo film about the Russian spy is a prequel set after the events that occurred in Captain America: Civil War. The film, directed by Cate Shortland, marked Scarlett Johansson’s farewell to the character she has played on the big screen for a decade. Nevertheless, the actress’s future at Marvel is not over.

This is how Kevin Feige has advanced it. The president of Marvel Studios has been one of those present during the delivery ceremony to Johansson of the premio American Cinematheque which was held last Thursday night at the Beverly Hilton hotel. In his tribute to the interpreter, Feige has praised Johansson’s talent, vision, intelligence and cunning as an actress and producer..

According Deadline, Feige has also advanced that he is working with her on a “Marvel Studios Top Secret project” that has nothing to do with his character Black Widow. The president added that the interpreter will also participate in it as producer. It’s not the first time that Johansson has acquired that credit at Marvel Studios. The actress became the first actress in the franchise to produce one of the studio’s films. Specific: Black widow.

Goodbye to the lawsuit for ‘Black Widow’. Scarlett Johansson and Disney reach an agreement

In this way, Johansson returns to Marvel after the lawsuit that the actress filed against Disney for the simultaneous premiere of Black widow in cinemas and in Disney + (through Premium Access with additional cost). After weeks of communications from both parties – one of those made by Disney was described by Time’s Up, ReFrame and Women in Film as a “macho attack” – the actress and the company reached an agreement.

What project is Johansson involved in? While you wait for news, do not miss the trailer of Black widow that you will find on these lines. The movie is available on Disney +.

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