‘Grown-ish’: new challenges, doubts in love, more parties and everything that awaits you in season 2, now available on Disney + Star

Actress Yara Shahidi is the star of the Emmy Award-nominated Black-ish spin-off series.

If you are one of the Grown-ish fans and have already fallen into the networks of Zoey Johnson, you will like to know that is back on Disney + Star with season two of fiction. The series created by Kenya Barris and Larry Wilmore arrived last June on the streaming service as one of the most desirable series bets for the summer. And now, just three months later, you can continue to enjoy Zoey’s experiences as a university student with this new batch of episodes, which promises a lot.

In this second installment, Zoey, played by Yara Shahidi, continues to experience that step into adulthood, far from home and from her parents, Dre (Anthony Anderson) and Rainbow (Tracee Ellis Ross), both protagonists of Black-ish, the original series from which Grown-ish starts. The young woman who dreams of working in the world of fashion has successfully passed her first year in college, but what does this second year have in store for her? New challenges, sentimental conflicts and much more is what you can find in the 19 episodes that this second season has.

Freeform/Kelsey McNeal

More independence

Zoey made her wish to fly out of the nest clear and knew right away that she wanted to study for a college degree and start her new life without living under the same roof as her family. But that independence proved to be less idyllic than the romantic idea she had and, throughout that first year, she had to face more than one setback.

Even so, the oldest of the Johnson has not thrown in the towel and, with the intention of starting the second year with better footing, have decided to move to an off-campus apartment. A decision you’ve made with her two best friends, Ana and Nomi, with whom he must learn to live without “the blood reaching the river.”

Freeform/Kelsey McNeal

Friendship above all else?

The idea of ​​living the three together seems like a lot of fun and the first few days everything is wonderful. They even decide to organize a party to celebrate with their friends and classmates. And why not, so they can help out with the cleanliness and disorder of that hovel in which they are going to spend the next few months. Yet as the days go by, the quarrels between the trio of friends begins to generate a palpable tension in the environment.

Zoey and Ana do not approve of the excessive social life that Nomi has because there is not a day that does not bring someone new to the apartment. This causes some discomfort between them and that seems to generate some discontent in Zoey. Thus, to try to solve her problems and get away from her intense life as a university student, the young woman decides to invite Nomi and Ana to spend a weekend of disconnection in Sherman Oaks, at her parents’ house. A plan that will not turn out as well as you had imagined.

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Zoey and love

Let’s remember that, at the end of the first season, Zoey finally decided to start a more serious relationship with Luca. However, our protagonist soon begins to doubt about her choice, feeling that her friends do not believe that her relationship with Luca could go too far. Throughout this new batch of episodes, the couple will experience situations and experiences that will allow them to check if their courtship has an expiration date or if, on the contrary, they are made for each other.

New challenges

In this second year in college, Zoey still does not let go of those existential doubts about her future that already plagued her in the opening chapters. But, despite everything, as the course progresses he begins to remove doubts and decides to try the world of styling.

To test how she works in this field, Zoey proposes to two of her friends to become her style consultant. And little by little it doesn’t take long for him to discover that he may have an innate talent for it and even decide to take the next step by offering his services as a stylist to a teenage girl for her prom.

Freeform/Kelsey McNeal

A matter of priorities

The protagonist of Grown-ish she hoped her second year as a college student would be easier than her first. And perhaps it is that overconfidence that leads him to make the odd bad decision.. Like going to a party on the eve of one of his exams. It is clear that both things are not compatible and, to try to get out of this situation, he starts a strategy that will bring him consequences that he did not have.

As expected, his attitude has disappointed his parents, who do not hesitate to take action on the matter to make him see that to fulfill his dreams he must do his best.

If you want to know how this new course is going to be for Zoey, don’t wait any longer to find out the second season of Grown-ish on Star, available on Disney +.