GTA: The Trilogy is coming to Steam at a discount and gamers are barely playing it; in the Epic Games Store its landing is imminent – Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition

GTA: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition has passed with more pain than glory because of his multiple errors. Nostalgia moves a lot but it seems that it is not enough because few people are playing it on Valve’s platform. Even so, the company was quick to react and tried to raise the spirits of the players based on updates that fixed some bugs.

Each game is only being played by about 200 people. At the end of January it will be available in the Epic Games Store

This compilation includes three works by the GTA series (GTA 3, San Andreas and Vice City) and has already arrived on Steam, as reported by the official Rockstar Games Twitter account. The discount will last until February 2 and can also be enjoyed on the Steam Deck without any problems. On the other hand, at Epic Games Store hasn’t arrived yetbut at the end of January it will be available.

However, the data provided by SteamDB indicate that players are currently not very enthusiastic about these video games. Statistics show that GTA 3 is being played by 203 people currently, while San Andreas 217 players. Finally, Vice City has only been released 152 users at the time of writing this news. It’s about some pretty low data considering how good the games are.

And what about Epic Games?

Several days ago we reported that this title could have arrived at the Epic Games Store today, but it has not been like that. The information came from billbillkunresponsible for leaks related to monthly PS Plus games or Epic Games Christmas gifts, but Rockstar has indicated on its official website that it will reach Tim Sweeney’s platform at the end of January.