GTA: The Trilogy would already have a release date at Epic Games after being exclusive to the Rockstar application on PC – Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition

Many of you will remember GTA: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition for all the criticisms that arose as a result of his multiple errors. Because, despite the fact that this compilation of rock star It was intended to be a tribute to three of the most beloved installments of the GTA series (GTA 3, San Andreas and Vice City), the community was shocked by his dismal performance, which was accompanied by dozens of bugs both funny and annoying. After this, the developer did not take long to try to save its trilogy through various updates that fixed bugs reported on all platforms.

It’s been over a year since this rocky launch, but its developers haven’t entirely abandoned the compilation. After all, GTA: The Trilogy was released on PC exclusively in the Rockstar app, and it seems that it is time for these remasters to make the leap to platforms like Epic Gameswhere it would already have a closer release date than we thought.

And it is that, according to billbillkunresponsible for leaks related to monthly PS Plus games or Christmas gifts from Epic Games, Tim Sweeney’s platform would be preparing the landing of GTA: The Trilogy for the next January 19. As if this were not enough, the user also ensures that this launch will be accompanied by a 50% discountwhich could attract some additional players.

And what about Steam? BillbillKun cannot affirm that this release date also coincides with the premiere of the compilation on the Valve platform, and there are many users who remember how Epic Games paid to have Red Dead Redemption 2 a month before Steam. In this way, we will be attentive to the development of events in case a similar phenomenon occurs with GTA: The Trilogy.

GTA: The Trilogy has worked well for Take-Two despite its problems

Many users remember GTA: The Trilogy not for being a tribute to the classic GTA installments, but for establishing itself as one of the worst rated games of all 2021. These kinds of situations tend to have an especially financial impact, but from Take-Two they assured at the time that the collection has done well in sales although its launch was surrounded by problemsso we will keep an eye on its trading performance as soon as it becomes available on more PC platforms.