Gucci and music, a love story that has lasted for 100 years

(ETX Daily Up) – Few centenarians are as influential as Gucci. Since its creation in 1921, the Italian label has inspired many musicians such as Foxy Brown, Amy Winehouse or even Outkast. So much so that the name “Gucci” is mentioned in 22,705 songs. Back to a real cultural phenomenon.

A hundredth anniversary is to be celebrated as it should be. And for hers, Gucci has teamed up with the Italian platform Musixmatch to list all the songs in which she appears. And there are some in all genres: jazz, psychedelic rock, Japanese punk, disco, hip-hop, afrobeat … “These genres serve as a musical backdrop to a journey of more than a century that the Gucci brand has lived crossing all facets of society, ”notes Musixmatch.

Among the pieces mentioning the Italian fashion house are classics like the sulphurous “You Got Good Taste” which the Cramps dedicate to all “Gucci bag owners”, or the funky “He’s the Greatest Dancer” by the Sister Sledge quartet. . The four singers praise the merits of a “champion of the dance” who wears only “the most beautiful clothes” like Gucci.

The arrival of Gucci in the “rap game”

If the Italian label has made a place for itself in the repertoire of various artists, it has above all conquered the biggest names in hip-hop. Cardi B, Saweetie, Future, Lil Pump, Gucci Mane … They all swear by the extravagant and daring looks of the brand. However, nothing predestined Gucci to dress the ambassadors of the rap and hip-hop spheres.

At its beginnings, the brand’s creations were inspired by the refinement and luxury of the equestrian world. Very quickly, they attracted a distinguished international clientele who fell in love with this new Italian house. If the Gucci style was intended, at its inception, timeless and eternal, it took a turn in 2015 with the arrival of Alessandro Michele at the head of the artistic direction of the brand. Breaking the codes becomes the credo of the Italian designer whose anti-conformism becomes a real trademark.

Rappers’ fascination with Gucci is not so much linked to Alessandro Michele as to New Yorker Daniel Day, better known as Dapper Dan. In the 1980s, this Harlem tailor hijacked the logos of fashion houses to create trendy silhouettes at a lower cost. He even makes sweat jackets bearing the Gucci monogram for Eric B and Rakim, two of his first clients in the hip-hop world.

“Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang”

Although Dapper Dan had to close his store in 1992 under pressure from brands accusing him of counterfeiting, he helped put Gucci into the hip-hop world. So much so that rappers only have this brand in their mouths. Lil Pump even utters the word “Gucci” about 50 times in his 2018 hit, “Gucci Gang”. Not surprisingly for journalist Calum Gordon. According to him, the omnipresence of the brand in rap is a question of linguistics. “Its two syllables fit more easily into bars (or measures, note) than other brands with a heavier name. Saint Laurent is a bit difficult to pronounce, as are Versace and Givenchy,” he wrote. in Another Man Magazine.

But it’s not all a question of rhythm. Gucci has especially entered the “rap game” thanks to its opulent, daring and eye-catching silhouettes. Alessandro Michele understood this well and created new ones for the Gucci 100 anniversary collection. A way to pay tribute to the influence of the brand on the music industry, and to inspire new generations to continue this heritage … in songs.