Guillaume Durand, cured of jaw cancer, tells about his ordeal

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Journalist Guillaume Durand was operated on for jaw cancer and recovered before catching Covid-19. He’s going to be back on the radio in a few days. He tells about his fight against the disease in the Parisian.

“The whole city speaks about it”, “Nowhere elsewhere”, “The big edition” … Guillaume Durand has had a rich career in television since his beginnings in journalism in 1978. On television but also on the radio on Europe 1, France Inter Where Classic Radio. In recent months, the 69-year-old journalist had retired from the air to fight cancer. A long fight of eight months that he likens to “a boxer who took a hell of a blow”.

For Guillaume Durand, it all started with a simple toothache last spring. He consults a stomatologist who sends him to a radiologist specializing in mandibles. He discovers an infected wisdom tooth. The operation is followed by an “incomprehensible hemorrhage”, says Guillaume Durand in the Parisian. He consults a second stomatologist who removes a molar with a biopsy. Doctors then discover a cancerous tumor.

Guillaume Durand underwent jaw surgery on June 25, 2021. A 10-hour operation during which a piece of his fibula was removed to replace his jaw. He revealed to our colleagues a scar along the entire length of his right leg.

“It’s not quite natural to eat with one end of your leg.”

Guillaume Durand details the months which followed the operation: “the kilos of drugs”, chemo and radiotherapy which caused “an avalanche of phenomenal fatigue”, “damage in the mouth”, “his voice became more serious”. He loses 12 kg. “My hands were shaking so much that I couldn’t aim at my mouth when I ate.” In October, this contemporary art lover believes he is cured but catches the Covid-19. Fortunately he was doubly vaccinated. Asked about the words of Emmanuel Macron who wants to “piss off” the unvaccinated, Guillaume Durand estimates that he “is 10,000 times right” and is in favor of a compulsory vaccination pass for those over 50 in France.

I find Radio Classique at morning rest for young people. Thank you for science / medicine. First jogging after a hell of cancer operated for 10 hours on June 25, then chemo and radio followed by a good Covid .Take fear by the hand and live. Caution at Christmas

– Guillaume Durand (@guillaum_durand) December 24, 2021

Today cured, Guillaume Durand will return to Classic Radio Sunday from 7 pm to 8 pm for “a cultural band show to redefine the great myths”. He will also act as a columnist on Classic Radio and BFMTV.