Guillermo del Toro swept away this fantasy and action saga, but his ‘reboot’ was catastrophic: now they try again with a new version

The plans are to start filming this year, but it is unknown which actor will be in charge of getting into the skin of the protagonist.

The life of hellboy on the big screen it has gone from more to less. Guillermo del Toro adapted the famous fantasy action saga in 2004 with very good results. After a sequel titled Hellboy: The Golden Army, the filmmaker encountered problems when it came to getting a third installment. Time passed and, in 2019, the ‘reboot’ arrived with David Harbor as the protagonist. But the project did not materialize and what could have been a franchise was left with the desire. However, they do not give up and another ‘reboot’ is already underway.

As reported Discussing Film, Millennium Media is developing another live action movie of hellboy and already has a script and director involved. Brian Taylor will be behind the cameras of the film. The filmmaker has worked on titles such as Crank: Poison in the blood, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance and Mom and Dad.

Character creator Mike Mignola and author Christopher Golden will be credited in this reboot, but it’s unclear if they were involved in any way with the project.

DF points out that the title that currently bears the film is Hellboy: The Crooked Manthe same as a three-part miniseries published in April 2011. In this story, set in 1956, the protagonist meets Toma man who in his youth sold his soul to a demon sent by Satan and known as the Crooked Man. Together they embark on a journey to find out if they can save his soul or it’s already too late.

This fantasy saga was a resounding box office and critical success: Six years later it returns to the big screen completely changed

The aforementioned medium points out that the project has been in development for some time and that the plans are start shooting in April in Bulgaria. This place is already familiar to Millennium Media, as they have used studios located in the country for their live action movie Red Sonja with Matilda Lutz as the protagonist. For now, there is no distributor linked to ‘reboot’ of hellboy.

The two installments taken to the cinema by del Toro with Ron Perlman were a critical success, but at the box office they were not very successful. The first raised more than 99 million dollars worldwide and the sequel more than $168 million Worldwide. The 2019 film with Harbor as the protagonist was a critical and box office failure: more than 55 million dollars Worldwide.

Although it has not been confirmed if Harbor or Perlman will return as the main character, everything indicates that another actor will be in charge of getting into the skin of this new Hellboy. If filming plans to start soon, chances are we’ll have casting news before long.

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