Gully Boy movie download by the website Filmywap

Gully Boy movie download by the website Filmywap

Murad (Ranveer Singh) dreams of becoming a rapper, but in order to fulfill this dream, he has to fight poverty and social backwardness, which is why his family and friends help him become a nominated rapper.

The script of Gully Boy tells the audience, “If the world were sub comfortable, who would rap?” The argument that keeps viewers engaged and entertained is contained in this line. Directors Zoya Akhtar and Farhan Akhtar take us into the world of Indian rappers.

There is a film in which a young man from Dharavi, named Murad, has big dreams. This young man, despite being poor, does not let his poverty interfere with his dreams. This story tells about the rise of a young immigrant rapper from the slums of New York City.

The story of Gali Boy is very exciting. Rap music is still not the most popular type of music in India, but it is certain that even if they dislike rap music, they will still like the story of Gali Boy.

Murad, a man whose dream is to live a happier life, finds an old chandelier with an incredible glittering chandelier. Upon seeing it, he imagines a life that is better. As he spends more time with Safina (Alia Bhatt), he finds it increasingly difficult to control himself.

Srikanth is very influential to the MC Sher character in the movie, however, the major turning point in his life is when he gazes upon MC Sher, who calls out MC Sher’s storm from the stage and plays his rap over the dismissal boys.

In it, Murad often sparks with his conservative father Aftab (Vijay Raz) as his efforts do not allow him to succeed so easily because of his poverty. His work is good but Murad could not succeed so quickly because of his poverty.

There are parts of the film that are predictable, however, there are scenes in the movie where Murad’s journey will make you want to watch more. Vijay Maurya has written an inspiring dialogue that adds depth to the story.

The filmmaker’s Rima Kagati and Zoya have written a story that is captivating and is accompanied by a great screenplay. The film entertains in addition to it educating audiences.

Ranveer Singh’s performance in the film is without a doubt the strongest aspect of this film. It looks as if it was written just for him to play this character.

Despite being the star of the film, he breathed life into his character and made the audience feel constantly involved in the film through his performance.

There is a scene in the film in which MC tells Sher Murad, “Tere Andar toofan hai” and this is true for Ranveer Singh’s performance as well.
Every Time he makes a new film, Ranveer surprises the audience. Alia Bhatt has a small role, but a very strong one. Ranveer does justice to his crazy character. Their chemistry is very adorable and likable.

Despite the fact this is Siddhant Chaturvedi’s first film, based on the performance, the actor seems to be a well-known actor. Vijay Verma, Kalki Keklin, and Vijay Raje have also made impressions with their performance as a whole.

The song that is on the soundtrack of the film is wonderful. The film is based on the lives of rappers Nazi and Divine. The two artists have provided a great soundtrack for the film with other rap artists.

The film touches you since the music is provided by successful rappers. The treatment of the movie, in addition to its presentation, is comparable to the film’s Hollywood counterpart. This film will leave you with a feeling if you listen to the rap battles on the film.

The downside of the film is that it contains some negative aspects. The treatment of the film is such, however, that it keeps audiences entertained for many hours to come.

“Yeh Gali boy hard hai Bhai!” is all you can say for the film. Our rating will be 4 stars for this movie.