Guy Carlier reveals his new show but also … having lost 150 kg!

the essential
Guy Carlier, the ex-sniper of French television, launches from this Saturday, January 8 his second show at the Théâtre des Mathurins, in Paris.

A one man show where the columnist, Guy Carlier, aged 72, finds himself transformed with 150 kg less. “I am at 96 kg, while I was at 251 (…) I consider that the 150 kg that I lost, it is the part of Carl that I dumped “, he gives himself to the Parisian, this Saturday January 8. The comedian evokes his long fight against the disease which he won after s to be beaten for a long decade.

It is in particular thanks to surgery and the help of the nutritionist doctor Jean-Michel Cohen, that the septuagenarian was able to recover. “Talking about it openly on stage puts people at ease. We all have our problems, all our dark sides. ”He also evokes a decisive love encounter that would have pushed him to take charge of his health.

Victim of Bulimia Disease

For years, the father of YouTuber Carlito suffered from bulimia. “I destroyed myself by telling myself that I was not a good guy. What I’m saying in the show is that we’re all the same, everyone has that. The main thing is to fire his Carls, ”he said.

The most biting former maverick in the French audiovisual landscape will therefore be back in the spotlight with a second show, which bears his name, from this Saturday, January 8 and until March 27 in Paris.