Handball: La Petite Culotte arrives at the Palais des Sports in Toulouse for the Fenix ​​match against Limoges

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The artist will perform his most famous titles this Friday at halftime of the Toulouse Fenix ​​match. Pierrick Chelle’s teammates challenge Limoges (8 p.m.).

“But who was it?… It was Loli, it was Loli, it was Lolo, it was Lola… It was la goffa Lolita!” This is the refrain that will resonate this Friday, March 3 at the Palais des Sports in Toulouse during the Fenix ​​de Toulouse match against Limoges (8 p.m.) on behalf of the 19th day of Liqui Moly Starligue.

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Thank you to Toulouse for their participation \ ud83d \ udcaf

See you Friday evening for a unique showcase at the Palais des Sports \ ud83d \ udc4c

Your seats here \ud83d\udc49 https://t.co/PWRum11yQv pic.twitter.com/0sL1qLTCf5

— FENIX Toulouse Handball (@FENIX_HB) February 27, 2023

You guessed it, it is La Petite Culotte that will be present in the Toulouse area. The artist, who became famous thanks to his song “La goffa Lolita” (more than 24 million views on YouTube in one year), will be at work at halftime of the meeting.

Facing Limoges, the Toulouse Fenix ​​will try to consolidate their place in the top 5 of the ranking. Danijel Andjelkovic’s men have been in great form in recent weeks. They remain on two consecutive victories (at home against Aix 29-25 and Cesson-Rennes 28-31) and are involved in the fight for the race for Europe.