Hande Erçel, voted Best Global Actress of the Year in the GNAs with votes from 56 countries

Sara heredia

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The protagonist of ‘Love is in the air’ has won over names like Scarlett Johansson and Emily Blunt.

Hande Erçel is the Best Global Actress of the Year for the Global Nubia Awards (GNAs), the magazine awards Nubia which were delivered on November 14. The protagonist of Love is in the air it was the winner thanks to people’s votes, which were collected in 56 different countries, including Italy, Brazil, Turkey or Russia.

Erçel has a very loyal and organized legion of fans. As they have shown on other occasions, her followers flock to any call to honor the actress’s work and get recognition for this style. The strength of the ‘fandom’ also came to light with the end of the soap opera in which he starred alongside Kerem Bürsin. Followers made the episode the most tweeted in history, ranking above Game of Thrones.

‘Love is in the air’ has broken a record that belonged to ‘Game of Thrones’

Erçel has taken the position by beating such valued names as Emily Blunt (Jungle Cruise), Phoebe Dynevor (The Bridgertons) o Scarlett Johansson (Black widow). She has also won over colleagues from the Turkish industry, such as Elçin Sangu, protagonist of I rent you my love. The Best Global Actress of the Year category “recognizes and celebrates the best and most influential actresses from around the world” in 2021.

The interpreter already has experience in this of the awards. She usually appears – or used to – at the Turkey Youth Awards and is an acquaintance of the Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards, where she is frequently nominated for Best Actress, but also with her co-stars, as happened with Tolga Saritas in girls of the sun o con Kerem Bürsin’s Love is in the air.

You are now in a period of reflection. After finishing the recording of Love is in the air, the series that has catapulted him to international fame, has entered a phase of preparation, rather than action. If what the Turkish media says is true, Erçel will move to the United States to further his training as an interpreter and practice his English.

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