Hande Erçel’s Latest Photoshoot Becomes Trending Topic Around The World

The actress is the image of Nocturne and the ‘teaser’ in which she presents the new collection, with the hashtag #WOMANofPOWER, has shaken the networks.

Hande Erçel has broken the internet with his latest post on Instagram. The actress of Love is in the air It is the image of Nocturne, a Turkish clothing brand that emphasizes highlighting the strength of women. Hence, the hashtag used for the campaign has been #WOMANofPOWER, which was a Trending Topic in some thirty countries, including Brazil, Italy, Germany, Mexico and, of course, Spain.

In the video that has unleashed the euphoria, Erçel appears with various ‘outfits’, each more spectacular. A black leather coat, a red suit, an animal print outfit, a fitted skirt … No matter what the actress is wearing, she knows exactly how to wear the clothes of the brand she represents. More than 2.5 million views and almost 20,000 comments are proof of the impact it has on networks.

The post has received many comments applauding how good it looks and, among all of them, the one by Kerem Bürsin stands out, who has used icons of fire, lightning and a love face to express how well his partner appears in the images. The actor has always supported Erçel on social media, even when they weren’t together yet. The exchange of messages between them was something very common and what gave the fans hope to see them together one day.

Hande Erçel’s experience as a model is almost broader than as a performer. She began working on fashion catwalks and beauty sessions as the first step in making the leap to acting. There are many projects on his resume and, in fact, he had previously worked with Nocturne. The firm must have been happy with its ease and naturalness, since they have turned to it again for their new designs.

Nor should we ignore the fact that she was named ‘The most beautiful woman in the world’ in a ranking organized by Top Beauty World and that, previously, she had participated in other beauty competitions such as the one held in Azerbaijan in 2012, where she was second.

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