Hannah Friconnet tells about her great friendship with Miss France

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Hannah Friconnet, a 22-year-old Labruguiéroise, made her dream come true: elected Miss Tarn then Miss Midi-Pyrénées, she proudly wore the colors of Tarn to Miss France, where she met Diane Leyre. She goes behind the scenes of this beautiful budding friendship and looks back on her last dream months.

Shed your emotions?
Yes, I’m starting to come down from my cloud. The return to normal life was difficult for the first few days. We were so in our bubble, the return is a great emotional upheaval. We were all very sad to leave each other. Coming back to Christmas time, with the family, helps. I am resuming my student life.

Did you dread this return to normal life?
I had not thought about the aftermath in the sense that I had said to myself: if I win so much the better, if I lose, it does not matter. But it is true that I was warned that the return is always a bit complicated. We all have this Miss Blues that comes after the adventure. Especially since it is a friend who won Miss France and left her: I am happy for her but also sad to leave my best adventure friend.

Tell us about this great friendship with Diane Leyre, new Miss France?
From the moment I was elected Miss Tarn, we started to follow each other on social networks. We started doing live on Instagram, exchanging messages. We supported each other enormously for the regional elections. When I was elected, she was there for me and vice versa. We met at Miss France and that’s where our friendship was born.

And it continues …
We call each other almost every other day. It was my partner, my pillar in the adventure, too. The good times as the bad, we lived them together. Even if Miss France does not last long, we create lifelong friendships. We see so many crazy things … As soon as she was elected, the next day Diane called me to tell me about her new life.

Do you regret not having gone further?
I would have liked to join the top 15. I had a lot of family members and committees that were there, it bothered me, saddened me for them. I say this while being proud of how far I have come: I was myself from start to finish, I had a blast, I did my best. I made the most of the adventure.

What was the strongest memory of this adventure?
Choosing one is complicated (laughs). The moment when we discovered the Miss France plateau was very moving: a mixture of excitement and fear. Every year we watch it on TV and there we are! We had wonderful moments on Reunion Island, practicing activities that maybe I would never do again.

Have you found your loved ones in Labruguière and Castres?
The Sunday the day after the Miss France election I returned directly to my parents by car with my parents. I stayed there for a week, I didn’t necessarily want to go back to Toulouse, I wanted to stay with my family. To enjoy and breathe. When you leave your adventure friends, this almost second family, it hurts your heart. When we come home, we realize that we are very well at home.

You will remain Miss Tarn and Midi-Pyrénées for several more months. How is the calendar going?
There are a lot of events during the preparation for Miss France, but it goes down again afterwards. From March and the departmental elections which start again, the calendar will fill up but before that I just have a few performances. I’m getting back to my lifestyle and I’m going to develop social networks, which exploded during the Miss France adventure.