Hannah, Miss Midi-Pyrénées, in the running for Miss France on Saturday: “To surpass myself every day while keeping my nature from Castres”

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Two days before the Miss France election, Vaea Ferrand, the Castraise elected Miss Tahiti 2016 has agreed to interview Hannah Friconnet, Miss Midi-Pyrénées, vying for the supreme crown. Confidences between Miss Sud-Tarnaises.

Vaea Ferrand: What did you like in Reunion that you can’t find in Castres?

Hannah Friconnet: What I appreciated in November is… the sun! (laughs). I don’t have it here in Caen and I didn’t have it too in Castres when I left. The integration trip is an important moment in the Miss France adventure. We were lucky to go to the islands, it was a great time, we had a great time, with lots of activities. The committee put us to the test to surpass ourselves, I really liked this adventurous spirit that takes us out of the world of glitter.

What was the most difficult moment in this adventure?

The rhythm is so intense, we go through the days and we enjoy every moment.If I had to choose one, I think it’s the lack of loved ones. We are very well surrounded by the candidates and the committee but the support of the family, physically, because it is from a distance, is lacking.

How do you live this experience? Did you expect this rate?

I live it really well, I feel very lucky to be one of these 29 young women who will try to win the crown. I take it as an enriching experience, that everything is positive, we have nothing to lose, everything to gain. It is an experience that I had wanted to live for a long time, a dream come true. I did not dare and I want to tell all the young girls who hesitate not to think and to dare to introduce themselves.

Not having set foot in Castres for a long time, can you tell me about it to make me want to come back …

I am from Labruguière but Castres is my city of heart. The people are warm, it is a very beautiful city, it is not by chance nicknamed Little Venice. We have a very nice market on Saturdays and at the moment the Christmas market. Even though I live in Toulouse, I come home every weekend and I often share a restaurant with my family or a moment with my friends, in Castres.
If you could have one more trait, which one would you choose?
Maybe precisely to have more confidence in myself, to dare. I am quite anxious, I doubt a lot. I would say old-fashioned Hannah: go for it, dare, have fun!

If you could go back, would you have changed anything in your approach to adventure?

I would do everything exactly as I did. I have no regrets, I give my all in everything I do. It was a thoughtful decision. Since I was 18, I wanted to take the plunge, but I didn’t feel mature enough. I waited to be sure of myself, since the beginning of the adventure I have given myself completely. I try to surpass myself every day while keeping my Castres nature. I can say that I am proud of myself!

What message do you want to send to your loved ones?

Quite simply that I love them, miss them a lot and that it is thanks to them that I am here today. Without them, I might never have dared, not had the courage to introduce myself. Several Misses have already said it and I can confirm it: we are certainly going alone but we are getting everyone behind. Thanks to them for their support.

The 27-year-old Castraise still lives in Tahiti./ Jean-Philippe Yuam Photography

The 27-year-old Castraise still lives in Tahiti./ Jean-Philippe Yuam Photography

Vaea Ferrand, the Castres pearl still shines

We had left on the podium of Miss France, in December 2016. A few months after being elected Miss Tahiti, Vaea Ferrand had failed two places in the long-awaited title (2nd runner-up). Five years later, the daughter of Gaby Ferrand (22 years of career at 8eRPIMa), born in Castres, has not changed. Always so radiant, the Tahitian breathes the good humor of the islands “warm and under the coconut palms”, smiles the young woman of 27 years.
“I recently worked in the physical chemistry laboratories of a private college and high school. I used to work in a pesticide analysis laboratory. I continued in the path of chemistry. I put aside the world of perfume “, explains the one who is launching” little by little in small projects around decoration, plants and scents. “Five years later, therefore, Vaea has not forgotten anything of her Miss France adventure:” I have very good memories of it. I am very nostalgic when I watch Miss France, I often tell myself that I should have given a little more, be more energetic, less stressed and live this adventure to the full, ”she confides with regret. At the time, however, she was the pride of the Castres and the great family of “8” who supported her to the end. “I have a lot of friends in mainland France, especially in Castres and Mazamet. I am always in contact with a lot of people. I have very good memories of the Tarn. Growing up for so many years in France is not forgotten as well as the friendships that I was able to create. I miss France and hope to go back on vacation. I also miss good food, wine and cheese, ”she continues with a broad smile.

“I have very good memories of the Tarn”

In 2016, the Polynesian pearl took advantage of this experience of several weeks to forge friendships with the misses: “I have kept good contact with former candidates and I hope to see them again one day. The downside of living far away on an island is that you can’t say to yourself: “What if I went to see my girlfriend Miss Alsace this weekend?” And presto, a train ticket bought online.
Unfortunately no… But I know that I will come back to France one day so I will be able to see the adventure friends again. “
Especially since if Vaea is still the Vaea that his relatives have always known, the Miss experience has made him “a little more woman”. “She brought me a lot of maturity and confidence. Notoriety too, we must not hide from it. I pay more attention to myself and my body, I have learned to be a little more flirtatious, to pay attention to my image. In Tahiti, it’s quite limited in terms of work or fashion, so we don’t have the chance like some in France to be an “influencer” or spotted by agencies ”. And to conclude: “We are lucky to be one of these 30 girls, to experience this kind of adventure. So the best is to make the most of it and keep only good memories. ”

The evening at Labruguière canceled

It must have been a beautiful and great evening of support for their miss of the heart. But in view of the latest government decisions to curb the spread of Covid-19, the town hall of Labruguière has decided to cancel the live broadcast of the Miss France evening, initially scheduled in the room of the Factory, at 8:30 p.m.