Happy Birthday Sujoy Ghosh: Sujoy Ghosh, known for his special films, made his ‘Kahaani’ in Bollywood

Happy Birthday Sujoy Ghosh: Sujoy Ghosh, known for his special films, made his ‘Kahaani’ in Bollywood

Bollywood’s famous producer-director Sujoy Ghosh celebrates his birthday on 21 May. He is known for his special direction and screenplays in his films. Sujoy Ghosh has directed many brilliant films and left his special mark on the big screen. He has worked with many of Bollywood’s biggest actors. On the birthday of Sujoy Ghosh, we introduce you to the special things related to him.

Sujoy Ghosh was born on 21 May 1966 in Kolkata. He did his early studies in Kolkata but moved to London at the age of 13. Subsequently, Sujoy Ghosh completed the rest of his studies at Queen Elizabeth College. He studied MBA at Manchester University. Sujoy Ghosh was fond of films from the beginning, which is why he started taking interest in filmmaking as well.

Sujoy Ghosh started his career as a director in 2003. His debut film as a director is ‘Jhankar Beats’. This was a musical film by Sujoy Ghosh, which he tributed to the famous musician RD Burman. The film received a mixed response from the audience. After the film ‘Jhankar Beats’, Sujoy Ghosh directed films like ‘Home Delivery’, ‘Aladdin’ and ‘Nobel Thief’.

After doing all these films, Sujoy Ghosh did not get the recognition in Bollywood that he and his fans expected. She got her real identity from actress Vidya Balan’s film Kahani in 2012. Vidya Balan’s acting and Sujoy Ghosh’s direction were well-liked in this film. The film ‘Kahaani’ had also won several awards.

Not only this but Sujoy Ghosh was also awarded the National Award for this film. He then directed many brilliant films including ‘Teen’, ‘Kahaani 2’, ‘Badla’ and ‘Typewriter’ and has won the hearts of the audience.

Now Sujoy Ghosh is counted as a separate and special director of Bollywood. The slogan ‘Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo Re’ was written by Sujoy Ghosh for actor Shah Rukh Khan’s Indian premiere leaked team Kolkata Knight Riders, which became quite popular.