‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’: Travel without leaving home through the most emblematic places of the saga on his 20th birthday

It celebrates two decades since the premiere of the first film in the saga. What better way to visit the most magical places?

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the premiere of Harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. This movie was the beginning of one of the most iconic sagas of all time. So much so that many of the locations where the scenes were shot are visited by thousands of fans. United Kingdom is a huge setting where many films have been shot, but Harry Potter is intimately linked to its Gothic architecture and English culture. From the Millennium Bridge from London to alnwick castle, the famous saga has left places full of magic so that its followers feel like the protagonists.

To celebrate the two decades what better than to visit these magical places and more if it can be from the sofa of your house through Google Earth. In addition, we tell you some curiosities curiosities that surround the most magical saga of all time.

Lacock Abbey

The abbey located in the town of the same name, has been the scene of The Philosopher’s Stone and The secret chamber. There they recorded the scene of the Mirror of Erised that appears in the first film.

Christ Church

It’s not really a franchise location, but it has a lot to do with it. This impressive room was recreated at Leavesden Studios to create the Hogwarts Great Hall.

King Cross Station

From here the Hogwarts students leave to study at the sorcery school. Although it appears in the books as Platform 9¾, in reality the film was shot between platforms 4 and 5, since platforms 9 and 10 are separated. We have all ever wondered if we would be able to cross the wall of this platform and arrive in time to catch the train that leaves at eleven o’clock. Do you dare to check it out?

Black Park

This park in the town of Iver served as the setting for the Forbidden Forest, where Hagrid’s hut was located. Furthermore, pFor all Harry Potter lovers who want to live a unique experience beyond the movies, at the ‘Palace Theater’ Victorian theater in the West End district of London you can enjoy the two-part play “Harry Potter and the Cursed Legacy “which has broken award records.

Biblioteca Bodleian

The Hogwarts Library scenes were shot in the Oxford University Library, specifically when Harry uses the Invisibility Cloak to search for information. Also, in the British Library the exhibition took place Harry Potter: A History of Magic which, in October 2017, exhibited JK Rowling’s original drafts, magical objects or Jim Kay’s original drawings for several days.

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Alnwick Castle

In the surroundings of this castle broom flying classes and Quidditch scenes took place. If there is something more characteristic of Harry Potter that is Hogwarts. Who wouldn’t have liked to study here? The interior and exterior of this castle in the north of England, owned by a family that lives in it, served as the setting for the famous wizarding school, only for the first two films of the saga. It currently offers guided tours and events inspired by the Harry Potter universe, such as “Broom Flying Classes”.

Gloucester Cathedral

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was shot in at least eight different locations, but Gloucester Cathedral is one of the most important. If you visit it, you will recognize the corridors that Harry, Ron and Hermione walked through.

Millenium Bridge

Although Voldemort destroyed this bridge in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, it still stands in London. SI sure all, at some point, have walked this suspension bridge when we have visited London. A well-known pedestrian bridge across the Thames.

London zoo

Do you remember the scene where Harry discovers that he can talk to snakes? It actually took place in the reptilian garden at London Zoo.

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Leadenhall Market

Diagon Alley was shot on a recreated setting, but for the exteriors they used the Victorian Leandenhall Market in London. The place is located in the heart of London full of bars, restaurants and shops. In the film, Hogwarts students can find everything they need for their studies here.

Bonus: Warner Bros. Studio Tower of London

Although it is not a location of the saga, it could not miss the impressive space that Warner Bros. has dedicated to Harry Potter in its park. The costumes of the protagonists, the sets of the movies, objects like the Sorting Hat … There is no lack of detail.