‘Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts’: documentary makes a mistake with Emma Watson

One of the followers of the saga made it known via Twitter.

Harry Potter: Regreso a Hogwarts is now available in HBO MAX, since last Saturday, January 1, and the documentary has left great revelations and has given a good dose of magical nostalgia to each and every one of the followers of the saga created by JK Rowling. But they have also committed a mistake in the edition of one of the long parts. Do you know what we mean?

In the initial part of the documentary, at which point the insides of the first two installments of the saga unfold, Harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. In the first minutes each of its protagonists, especially Rupert Grint y Emma Watson, who remembered how they resembled their characters and the desire they had to get this role, especially Watson.

In the part where Watson begins to remember how her father narrated the books to her and her little brother, and how incessantly they asked him for more and more. Furthermore, Watson recognized that she I knew it had to be Hermione Granger, was destined for that character, and that her parents feared what might happen if they didn’t take her for that role. At that moment an image appears of a little girl with Minnie ears sitting in the kitchen. But wait Is that girl in the picture Emma Watson?

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The answer is no. Fans of the saga Harry Potter They were very attentive to each of the details that were shown in the documentary, and it was one of their followers via Twitter who noticed the error. “GUYS HELP ME IT’S LITERALLY EMMA ROBERTS NOT EMMA WATSON“commented the follower on the social network.

After this unexpected discovery, the producers responded quickly, thanking them for the detail in a statement: “Well seen, Harry Potter fans! You have called our attention to an error in the editing of a mislabeled photograph. New version coming soon“As reported, the visual error will be corrected and a new corrected version will be uploaded, with or without an image of Emma Watson as a child.

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