‘Harry Potter’: Rupert Grint (Ron) stole several objects from the set and one had to secretly return it

Although he took some of them without permission, the film team also gifted him with one of the most special gadgets for his character’s story in the series.

The story of the young wizard played by Daniel Radcliffe on the big screen came to an end with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. For many of its actors and actresses, adapting the series of novels written by JK Rowling became a journey of more than a decade, and one of its protagonists stayed and stole various objects used in the films. We talk about Rupert Grint, the one in charge of giving life to Ron Weasley in the franchise.

The actor began to take back memories of his time in the movies from the beginning. On Harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the first installment, Grint stars in a scene in which he and his companions Harry Potter (Radcliffe) and Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) play a game of chess with life-size pieces. During the confrontation, the figures are destroying each other and Grint took a piece of one of them.

“The set was huge and it was amazing when the pieces are destroyed. I still have a piece of the horse!”, said the actor in the book Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Book. In the sequence, Grint is the one who is leading the game on the horse.

Years later, while filming Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the fourth film in the franchise, Grint again tried to take home a memory. However, this time things did not go quite right. “I took the golden egg that appears in the fourth movie, a dragon egg. Apparently it was worth a few thousand dollars. I put it in a pillowcase. I did it with James and Oliver, it was a joint effort. But they tracked it down and took it away from us, “Grint acknowledged in an interview at the BBC.

‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ returns to theaters for its 20th anniversary

James Phelps and Oliver Phelps were responsible for giving life to the twins Fred and George, Ron’s brothers. Although Grint does not specify which dragon egg in particular was the one he took, in the film one of them is given to the contestants of the tournament as a clue for their next test. Therefore, it could be any of them. The one that can be seen in the movie is Harry’s.

On Glamour UK, the actor also said that he returned the object anonymously. “Some days after [de llevarnos el objeto], Warner Bros. started a massive hunt to find the person who had taken the dragon egg, so I had to return it anonymously and hope that no one found out that it was me“.

Grint also owns number 4 of the Dursleys’ house on Privet Drive. This he recounted in 2012 stating that, like the dragon egg, he also “it was some kind of robbery”.

The only thing that Grint obtained legally and as a souvenir of his passage through the saga was, perhaps, one of the most special objects for his character: the de-illuminator that Albus Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) gifts Ron after his death.

Harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone turns 20 In 2021 and, on the occasion of the celebration, Warner Bros. returns to the cinemas the film that started the young wizard’s career on the big screen. The first installment of the saga is re-released on Friday, 12th of November.

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