‘Hasta el cielo’ is pure adrenaline: a new self-produced series arrives on Netflix

On March 17, the sequel for TV to Daniel Calparsoro’s film will be released

In 2020, one of those films that encourages the industry a bit was released in theaters in Spain. It was a return to that quinqui cinema that was so successful in the eighties, but with a rabidly modern aesthetic. up to the sky was a blockbustersponsored by a vibrant performance by veteran Daniel Calparsoro and a cast full of beautiful, quality people, including Miguel Herrán, Carolina Yuste and Luis Tosar.

Three years later it lands on Netflix Up to Heaven: The Series, in which we once again have the direction of Daniel Calparsoro and the script by Jorge Guerricaechevarría. Both productions have characters in common: we meet Sole (Asia Ortega) and Rogelio, her father, played by the essential Luis Tosar.

Landing on the moon in Madrid, with nocturnality and treachery

There are some things that have changed. In the series, which serves as a sequel to the original film, Angel, the protagonist of this, dies and leaves Sole a widow. And not just a widow: she leaves a son in charge of her and many businesses to run.

In this unfavorable setting, Sole fears having to depend on her father again, one of the biggest traffickers in stolen goods in the Spanish capital. Throughout his long-awaited emancipation, Sole will find new allies and will resume moon landing business of her late husband. However, the police and various organized crime groups will make it downright complicated.

The Netflix series is the viewer’s reunion with some of the most beloved characters from the 2020 film, but also you will meet new faces. In SensaCinema we offer you an exclusive special video in which we can take a look at some of them and what they think of the series.


“Empowerment, cars, explosion, robberies, action!”

One of the most surprising faces in the series is that of Alana La Hija del Jeque, a tiktoker who, thanks to her charisma and self-confidence, is followed more than 800,000 people. She does everything from makeup tutorials to sketches starring herself. In the video that we offer you we can see it in action: “Empowerment, cars, explosion, robberies, action!”

In a calmer tone, Carmen Sánchez, who gives life to Marta, assures that “Hasta el cielo is a thriller that encompasses all kinds of registers: love, crime, mystery, intrigue”. Luis Tosar, surely the most recognizable face of the production, comments that the series “talks about the family: the eternal struggle between the family in which one is born and the family one chooses.” Dollar Semouni, an urban music artist, plays another of the characters, Gitano: “For me, the family means union, group… without it you can’t get to the top.”

Women play a leading role in the story of ‘Hasta el cielo’. Alana La Hija del Sheikh is very clear about it: “In this series I would love for the female characters to evolve, to ride on the dollar… Not because of the material but because of what that represents, female empowerment. It’s enough of men, it’s enough ”. And he ends with a clear message: “Men already have their role in this world: now it’s our turn.”

To finish, we are left with a revealing comment from Luis Tosar: “In this series there will be a lot of action, but it will not stop there: the emotional aspect will also be very important.” Without a doubt, the next March 17 Action and drama lovers have an unmissable date with Netflix and its new nationally produced series: up to the sky.