Haters of ‘The Last of Us’, prepare yourselves: The most criticized moment of the game has arrived, but also one of the most beautiful

The seventh episode will mainly focus on how Ellie (Bella Ramsey) got bitten for the first time.


We are facing the imminent end of the first season of The Last of Us. With three episodes left to find out if Ellie (Bella Ramsey) or Joel (Pedro Pascal) will be able to meet the Fireflies who can make a vaccine thanks to Ellie, the seventh episode will mainly focus on how Ellie was first bitten.

This is demonstrated by the promo for this chapter, which you can see above these lines. Chapter 7 will put us in the situation of how she came to be bitten for the first time and thus discover that he is immune to the cordyceps fungus. In previous episodes, we heard from Ellie herself that she was bitten in a mall, the same one we see in the preview of the seventh episode.

In it we will see Storm Reid (Euphoria) get into the skin of Riley Abel, a character that was introduced in the DLC released on February 14, 2014. This is presented to us in the promo as someone who belongs to the Fireflies, something that is not it makes Ellie herself very happy.

ATTENTION: Important details of the video game that could affect the viewing of episode 7 are revealed below

The Last of Us was released for PlayStation 3 in 2013 and to this day, the same game has gotten a remake for the new generation of PS5, in addition to having already had another version for PS4. Since its release, the game has become a cult work. But that does not mean that he was surrounded by controversy.

A year later, it was released a DLC titled Left Behind where he explained to us how Ellie was bitten in that dreamy mall, but also quite gloomy. In this story it was revealed to us that Ellie is a lesbian, since he is in love with Riley with whom he gives her first kiss.

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However, not everything goes smoothly. As expected. At one point, several clickers wake up and go after her. Finally Ellie being bitten and Riley herself dead. Although the DLC was considered one of the best in the history of video games, it was surrounded by controversy for the simple fact that it was revealed that Ellie is a lesbian.

As revealed in the promo for episode 7, the story of the DLC will be adapted in this chapter and where, surely, several million people will be as excited as they were with the story of Frank (Murray Bartlett) and Bill (Nick Offerman). ).