Hautes-Pyrénées: a Norwegian advertisement, with a rabbit in water-skiing on Lake Payolle

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A few days after the busy Christmas holidays, the Payolle site has regained its calm. Quite relative and troubled tranquility this Wednesday with a day to the rhythm of the directives launched by the megaphone by the director for the shooting of a Norwegian advertisement.

The sun rises little by little and thus warms the negative temperatures (-2.5°C) still displayed at ten o’clock this Wednesday. They were about forty extras at the rendezvous, equipped with snowboards, alpine or cross-country skis, snowshoes, supervised by the local Maad Films team. From early morning, all the actors were on deck to shoot the final scene of an advertisement for a Norwegian sports brand, called XXL. The day before, it was the boat that had taken a little head start by taking place on the lake using a crane to lift more than a ton. With 150 horsepower under the hood, it’s the “final chase between the rabbit and the hunters, which ends on the lake on water skis”, testifies Baptiste Cibat, co-founder of Maad Films.

The lake under the spotlight

Some may remember the music video “Linked Emotions” by the Pau rapper Park, released last winter or more recently, the filming of the latest Porsche advertisement, produced by the Bagnéraise company Capsus on the slopes of Tourmalet and Payolle, the tourist site will now have a new filming to its credit with this advertising. “The idea was to shoot in emblematic sites and after weeks of scouting, the Val d’Azur, the resorts of Cauterets and Grand Tourmalet then Payolle were chosen”. And what could be better than finishing a shoot with the radiant winter sun illuminating the decor of Petit Canada in our Pyrenees? Even if the water was cloudy following the bad weather at the beginning of the week, the magic of the place still operates.

A rabbit water-skiing on Lake Payolle!  A Norwegian moment in Haute-Bigorre!  / Photo BA

A rabbit water-skiing on Lake Payolle! A Norwegian moment in Haute-Bigorre! / Photo BA

This day, thus completes seven days of work in the village of Saint Lary Soulan last Saturday then in the Grand Tourmalet all week and in Val d’Azun the day before, with each time a minimum of twenty extras of all ages and all levels for this commercial.

It turns on the shores of Lake Payolle.  / Photo Bastien Arberet

It turns on the shores of Lake Payolle. / Photo Bastien Arberet

MAAD Films on the wind at the stern

A young audiovisual production company based in Tarbes, Maad Films, co-directed by Baptiste Cibat and Florent Cuzacq, produces all types of images for the web or television: from film shooting to documentaries, including video clips or like this Wednesday, advertisements. “Today, Maad Films is the executive producer (logistical, financial and human management) of the Norwegian brand’s next TV campaign. On our previous projects, we worked with Capsus on an advertisement for the French Football Federation, and otherwise we work more locally with EDF or Initiative Pyrénées, for example”. Another project, this time solidarity, which had mobilized the film crews in 2020, the short film “Les Hautes-Pyrénées par les cimes” in favor of the foundation sneakers on the feet.