‘Hawkeye’ is already on Disney +: this is how the new Marvel series will look on the platform

The streaming service premieres its latest House of Ideas series for 2021. In it, Jeremy Renner returns as the elite goalkeeper, but the real surprise is Hailee Steinfeld.

The wait is over. Hawk Eye, the new Marvel series for Disney + is now available on the streaming platform. Starring Jeremy Renner again as the elite archer of the Avengers and Hailee Steinfeld as the great surprise of history, the new series of The House of Ideas comes after the successes, to a greater and lesser extent, of Scarlet Witch and Vision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki and the animated What would happen if…? for say goodbye to 2021 in which the UCM has been very present in our fiction.


How can you see it? Then the debut of Hawk Eye It has been produced with a double episode that is available to Disney + subscribers from 9:01 am today, Wednesday, November 24, so you can already find it on the streaming service. However, the platform does not bet on bingeing on most of its original series and, like its predecessors, Wednesdays have been reserved to premiere, one by one, each of the new episodes of the season.

Thus, episode 3 of Hawk Eye will be available on Disney + on December 1 and so on every Wednesday until the completion of the first six-episode season. We will say goodbye to her, predictably on December 22, 2021, just in time for the holidays and with a truly Christmas flavor, since lhe Marvel series is 100% Christmas.

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The protagonist, Jeremy Renner, was especially moved about this in his interview with SensaCine -You can see it on these lines- on the occasion of the debut of the series: “It’s quite exciting because it really becomes a great Christmas event. It’s great that from Thanksgiving it will be broadcast every day until Christmas.” Furthermore, according to Renner, that Hawk Eye is officially Marvel’s Christmas series supposes that, at last, he can see one of his works with his little daughter: “And what do you do during Christmas? You spend time with your family and finally, I will get to see something with my eight-year-old daughter, who has never seen anything that I have done from my work as an actor. So I’m going to sit down with her and see this. That makes me happy. “


We know superhero Clint Barton very well, but the adventure he is about to live in Hawk Eye in Disney + it will allow us to see a different facet of the elite archer after the events narrated in the tape Avengers: Endgame, right after the tragic Lapse.

Time has passed since then and now Barton no longer belongs to the most powerful group of superheroes in the universe, but is on a much more personal and simple mission: to reunite with his family and enjoy the best Christmas of his life. Similarly, the other great protagonist of the story, Kate Bishop (Steinfeld), returns to New York to spend the holidays with her mother.

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What neither of them expects is that what seemed like they were going to be a quiet, family Christmas will be cut short by the superhero’s past, who still had a surprise in store for him. The Christmas spirit is not the only thing at stake, but fortunately, the paths of Barton and Bishop cross in Manhattan and, together, they embark on the difficult mission to save the world (Christmas included, of course).

The first two episodes of Hawk Eye are available now on Disney +.